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The sacred waters of Lesvos

Aegean islands ● Lesvos ● 06 September 2017

Lesvos is not only the island that the whole world admired for its hospitality during the refugees crisis. Lesvos is something more and unique. This stunning island of Aegean Sea in a very close distance to Turkey has not only kept its special, Greek character, but also managed to turn its authenticity into a wonderful combination of traditional villages, unspoiled beaches and really nice people, who smile in spite of their difficulties. Furthermore, Lesvos is an island with astonishing natural beauty, which is combined with rare phenomena, such as its natural springs.

Lesvos is a volcanic island, enriched with hot springs. Thus, it is considered as one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean Sea for health tourism. If you want to live the unforgettable experience of natural spa, to relax in an amazing scenery and enjoy the beauty of a charming island, Lesvos is your place!

The hot springs of Eftalou is situated in a unique location next to a calm beach, with pebbles shaped by air and volcanic lava. According to the New York Times, Eftalou springs are ranked among the finest on-the-water destinations due to the therapeutic properties of its waters, which are rich in radium, chloride, sodium and other minerals with healing properties.

Thermal Spring

At Polichnitou, you will find 16 hot springs, only 60 meters above sea level. With their waters ranging between 67 and 92 Celsius degrees, Polichnitou springs are the warmest in Europe.

The natural spring of Panagia Krifti (=Hidden Virgin Mary) is one of the smallest springs in the Mediterranean Sea. Located under the chapel, which was discovered in 1864, this romantic spring offers a natural bathtub only for two people, filled with warm and healing water bubbling from the rock. Can you imagine a better Jacuzzi for you and your beloved one?

In the Gulf of Gera, is located one of the best-organised and popular springs in Northern Aegean, which has been constantly used since the Ottoman Empire. The place is also fully equipped for inhalation therapy.

In the village of Thermi, there are modern hydrotherapy spa facilities, but very impressive are also the ancient domed pools that show the constancy of the area's springs, which were famous during the antiquity. The therapeutic properties of these springs were known since then, and they continue until today to attract visitors, who want to make a present to their body and revitalise it.

Abstract of thermal springs in Lesvos

Where to Stay

Hotel in Lesvos, Greece Blue Bay
8.2 10
Blue Bay
Charamida, 81100 Lesvos, Greece

Blue Bay is located in Charamida, just a few-minutes' walk from the beach. Mytilene town and Mytilene Port are 12.3 km away. Mytilene International Airport is 11 km away.

Hotel in Lesvos, Greece Morfoula
Vatera, 81300 Lesvos, Greece

Family-run Morfoula rooms are located just 20 meters from long, sandy Vatera Beach in Lesvos. Mytilene Town with the island's main port is approximately 50 km away. Mytilene International Airport is at 56 km.

Studio & Appartment in Lesvos, Greece Kipos
Míthimna, 81108 Lesvos, Greece

Kipos is located in Mithimna, Lesvos, just a few meters away from the sea and the centre of the village. Mytilene, the capital and port of Lesvos, is 50 km away. Mytilene International Airport is 65.8 km away.