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The tasteful cuisine and products of Santorini

Cyclades ● Santorini ● 01 June 2017

Santorini is an amazing island, which in addition to its romanticism and stunning sunset, its wonderful traditional villages, its rich history and culture and its unique beaches, is also a culinary paradise with tasteful cuisine and precious local products, which you can enjoy there or take with you back home. The volcanic soil of the island makes the cultivation of the local products a hard process, which however, together with the Aegean breeze gives them an unbeatable taste. These are the top culinary treasures that Santorini offers you and you should try when you visit the island.

1. Fava

Extra tasty, velvety in texture, nutritious and sweet, fava of Santorini has awarded PDO status (Protected Designation of Origin). Most commonly, it is pureed and served as a dip, sprinkled with lemon juice, olive oil and onions. However, there are many recipes with fava, such as with pork, tomatoes, capers, octopus, and it can also be served as a soup.


2. Tomato fritters

Tomato fritters or in Greek ntomatokeftedes are a signature dish of Santorini and one of the top dishes of the Greek cuisine. Basically, tomato fritters are dried tomatoes fried with flour and are the perfect veggie starter.

3. Small tomato

In Santorini, is being cultivated the small tomato (ntomataki), which needs little water, and its growth is ideal for the weather conditions on the island. The tomato and its leaves capture the moisture from the mist on summer evenings and extract the nutrients from the volcanic earth of Santorini. This small tomato is one of the most famous products of the island, and you can buy it in a local shop, which can pack the small tomatoes in a vase in order to take it home with you.

Small tomato

4. Capers

You can find capers in almost every island of Cyclades, but in Santorini, the preparation of capers in unique. The capers of Santorini at dried under the scorching sun until they harden and turn slightly blond. They are then rehydrated before added to various soups, sauces, salads and of course on the top of fava.

5. Wine

What gives the wine of Santorini its characteristic taste is that the vineyard's soil is very poor, composed of volcanic ash and rocks, while the calcareous subsoils are porous, which helps to retain some of the humidity in the air and release it as moisture in the night for the vines to utilize.  Furthermore, Santorini is immune to the plylloxera as its volcanic soil contains none of the clay that the parasite needs in order to survive. As a result, many of the roots found on the vineyards on the island are centuries old. Vinsanto, Athiri and Assyrtiko are the best wine varieties you can taste in Santorini.

6. White aubergines

The aubergine in Santorini has been coloured white due to the volcanic ash. But the most impressive thing with this kind of aubergines is that the bitterness is completely absent, and they are sweet and juicy.