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The top 10 beaches in Milos

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Milos ● 24 June 2017

Milos is the southernmost island of West Cyclades. Due to its volcanic background, Milos has unique landscape and the most impressive and beautiful beaches in the Aegean Sea. In Milos, millions of years ago, happened a huge volcanic eruption that formatted the landscape with reddish cliffs, underwater caves and characteristic beaches. Therefore, Milos is a very interesting island, which has in addition to stunning beaches traditional fishing villages that will steal your heart. The wonderful beaches of Milos are literally innumerable as the island has more than 70 beaches! In this article, you can read about the top of the top beaches in Milos you should definitely not miss.

1. Sarakiniko

Sarakiniko is considered one the greatest Greek beaches in the world. Sarakiniko is a moonscape that impresses with its white cliffs, the turquoise waters and the waves hitting the volcanic rocks.


2. Kleftiko

The volcanic landscape of Milos consists of many caves around the coast of the island. The most famous cave of the island is Kleftiko, which is also a perfect place to swim and spend your day. You can rent a boat or make an excursion in order to explore all the caves in the area, which will impress you and offer you the most beautiful scenery to take amazing photos.


3. Tsigrado

Tsigrado is a non-organised, secluded small cove with white soft sand and gorgeous waters. The most impressive thing in this beach is the colour of its waters as well as the huge, rocky cliffs around it.

4. Firiplaka

Huge pink rocks surround this lovely beach, which is like the painting of a famous painter. Firiplaka is party organised with a few sunbeds and umbrellas, but the landscape is so impressive that the only thing you want to do there is taking photos and admiring the whole scenery.

5. Achivadolimni

Achivadolimni is a long sandy beach with crystal clear waters. It is the longest beach in Milos with tourist facilities and water sports facilities, such as windsurfing. Near the beach, is located the camping of Milos.

6. Papafragas

Papafragas is as impressive as Kleftiko and Sarakiniko, with its exotic waters, caves and imposing rocks. It is like a natural swimming pool with cool waters and white sand.


7. Plathiena

Plathiena is a secluded bay, although it is located near the Chora of Milos, Plaka. It is not organised, and thus it gets not so crowded during summer, so it is your best choice to relax in its soft sand and swim in its crystalline waters.

8. Agia Kiriaki

Agia Kiriaki is an organised beach, with water sports amenities, lovely sand and white pebbles. The wild rocky landscape makes this beach impressive, but the touristic facilities make it an ideal choice to spend your day relaxing.

9. Alogomandra

Alogomandra is a small, secluded, non organised cove with thin white sand, emerald waters and small marine caves that create a wonderful scenery and can be explored easily.

10. Gerontas

Gerontas is an impressive beach in Milos, but it is not accessible by car. However, you can visit this beach, if you do the day-trip around the island by boat.

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Milos, Greece Vivere a Plakes
9.5 10
Vivere a Plakes
Plakes, Plaka Milou, 84800 Milos, Greece

The Cycladic-style complex Vivere A Plakes is located it the picturesque village Plakes, in Milos, just on the outskirts of the traditional capital Plaka. Adamantas port is at 4 km, while Milos National Airport is at 8 km. The beautiful beaches of Fyropotamos and Plathiena are at 1.1 km and 1.5 km.