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The top beaches of Ikaria

Ikaria ● 09 August 2017

Ikaria is characterised by the green nature, the cozy and traditional villages, the wonderful secluded beaches and the easy-going people. Furthermore, Ikaria is famous all over Greece for its "panigiria", the summer feast days, where you can have fun, eat the local cuisine and dance the famous Ikarian dance. The best summer festival takes place on 15th August, so if you are planning to visit the island of Icarus, be informed about its stunning beaches with their amazing waters.


Seychelles, 20 km from Agios Kirykos Ikaria, is the most famous beach of Ikaria thanks to its weird name that reminds of exotic destinations. The name of this beach is not a coincidence. This pebbled, unorganised bay has turquoise waters that make you feel like swimming in the Caribbean. Follow the path from the main road, and you will reach a wonderful setting surrounded by rocky cliffs and bright pebbles.

Seychelles Beach


Nas is a truly picturesque beach of Ikaria, 55 km from Agios Kirykos Ikaria. It is a narrow coast surrounded by rocky formations. Although it is not organised, Nas is strongly recommended for its astonishing and peaceful landscape as well as its sunset as this beach is maybe the best spot to watch the sunset in Ikaria.

Nas Beach


50 km from Agios Kirykos Ikaria, is located the organised and family-friendly beach of Livadi. Fine sand, exotic waters, lush vegetation and a lagoon-like scenery create a beautiful picture. On the road above the beach, you can find many taverns, cafés and accommodation in Ikaria opportunities.


In a close distance to Livadi, is situated the beach of Mesakti. Mesakti is one of the prettiest beaches in Ikaria, with green ambience and emerald waters. It is organised, with a few cool beach bars and taverns.


Kambos, 40 km west of Agios Kirykos Ikaria, is a family-friendly beach as it has shallow and calm waters. Nearby is located the village of Kambos, where you can eat or spend the night in one of its affordable rooms to let with perfect sea view.


50 km from the capital of  Ikaria, Agios Kirykos Ikaria, is located the village of Armenistis Ikaria, a developing tourist resort and a picturesque fishing village with white houses on the cliff, overlooking the wonderful waters of the sea. This yet unspoilt place offers its visitors an endless sandy beach with pine woods and many touristic facilities. Comfortable hotels and rooms to let, taverns, beach bars, cafés, mini markets, car rental agencies and local shops are waiting for you in Armenistis Beach that has everything.

Where to Stay

Studio & Appartment in Ikaria, Greece Studio Froso
8.4 10
Studio Froso
Chrisostomos, 83300 Ikaria, Greece

Studio Froso is located in Chrisostomos, an 18-minute drive from Agios Kirykos Port. Evdilos Port is 20 km away.