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The top of the top beaches of Syros

Cyclades ● Syros ● 27 November 2018
There is a myth that says Syros is a picturesque island, which however has no beautiful beaches. I don't know how this ridiculous myth exists, but it is totally wrong. Maybe it means something totally different: the beaches of Syros are not as beautiful as its Chora. Ok, I can accept that. Because Ermoupolis Syros, the capital of the island and the Cyclades, is so amazing that it is impossible to find something equally beautiful. Staying and walking around this gorgeous city is one of the best things you can do in Syros. But meanwhile, don't miss swimming and sunbathing on one of the lovely beaches in Syros, overlooking the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.
Beach in Syros


Galissas is the most popular beach in Syros. Just 10 km from Ermoupolis, you can go to this beach in the southern side of the island by bus in less than 20 minutes. it is organised, with umbrellas, sunbeds and water-sports facilities and many taverns at the coastline. However, it is not only family-friendly, but also ideal for young people as it is lined with many beach bars.

Galissas beach in Syros

Megas Gialos

Megas Gialos is the other well-known beach of Syros with numerous touristic facilities. It is also located close to Ermoupolis, on the southern side, and it has thick sand and shallow waters, perfect for kids.


On the western side of the island, you can swim in a picturesque scenery. The long sandy coast of Poseidonia gets crowded during summer, but you can always find a place to relax and enjoy the Greek sun. It has great touristic facilities, accommodation and food options as well as great view of the small islets opposite to the beach.


An off-the-beaten-path choice to spend your day by the sea on Syros island is Agathopes, a small bay with crystal-clear waters, some umbrellas and a few taverns with quality seafood. It is located close to Poseidonia, so you can combine two beaches in one day!


Foinikas is the second largest beach as well as the second largest port in Syros. Of course, the beach has clear and calm waters, while you can enjoy the lovely scenery with the yachts and the fishing boats, while eating delicious fresh fish in one of the taverns behind the beach.


10 km south of Ermoupolis, is located the paradise for scuba divers. Fabrikas has rocky seabed, and thus it has two great assets. On the one hand, it doesn't get crowded during summer, so you can really relax there and find peace and privacy, while on the other hand, due to this interesting seabed, it offers you the opportunity for scuba diving away from the crowds.


If you visit Foinikas, on the southern side of the island, you may feel that it gets very crowded with hundreds of tourists. If you are looking for something quieter nearby, then don't miss Kokkina, a beautiful yet small sandy bay, where you can find the contact with nature you want. The steep cliff behind the beach, with its red colour which gave the beach its name (Kokkina= red) is a unique landscape.



Agios Pakos

Where to Stay

Hotel in Syros, Greece Brazzera Hotel
9.9 10
Brazzera Hotel
Finikas Beach, Finikas, 84100 Syros, Greece

Brazzera Hotel is located in the village of Finikas, just a minute's walk from the beach. Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros and the Port of Syros are approximately a 20-minute drive away. Syros National Airport is 10.3 km away.