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The treasures of National Archaeological Museum in Athens

Athens ● 07 August 2017

Athens has many significant museums. The National Archaeological Museum is the largest in Athens as well as in Greece, and it hosts some of the most important exhibits of ancient art. It is built in an impressive neoclassical building, designed by the famous architect Ernst Ziller, and it is located in an area of Athens Center, where you can find cheap hotels and hostels in Athens.

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens has finds from all over Greece and especially from the excavations that took place in the 19th century and revealed amazing objects and sculptures of the ancient Greek civilisation from many areas. With abundant collections, many exhibitions and 11,000 exhibits, the National Archaeological Museum provides its visitors a panorama of the Greek ancient art from Prehistoric Times until the Late Antiquity.

National Archaeological Museum in Athens

In a vast exhibition space of 8,000 square meters, the permanent collections of the museum are five: the Prehistoric Collection, with works of great civilisations, which flourished in the Aegean Sea from 6,000 to 1,000 B.C. (Neolithic, Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean). Exhibits from the ancient settlement of Thera (Santorini) as well as the Cycladic sculptures or idols, such as the harp player, among others will impress you.

The Sculptures Collection includes unique statues from the 7th to 5th century with masterpieces that reflect the Greek art of that period in the best way, while the Vase and Minor Objects Collection contains works of the ancient Greek pottery from the 11th century until the Roman Times. The Metallurgy Collection has fundamental statues, figurines and other minor objects, such as jewels. The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection has exhibits from other civilisations, which flourished in the area surrounding Greece, such as Egypt, Mesopotamia and Phoenicia.

The exhibits of the National Archaeological Museum are numerous, and you may need many hours to explore it. Some visitors decide to admire the collections partially in two days. Whatever you may decide, there are some exhibits you should pay particular attention to as they reflect significantly the beauty and the importance of the ancient Greek civilisation.

For example, the Funeral Mask of Agamemnon was discovered in the royal shaft graves of Mycenae from the great archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, and it is covered in gold. It is so impressive that you have to spend several minutes there to understand its significance and representation of the Mycenaean civilisation that was the cradle of the subsequent civilisation that gave birth to democracy, theatre, philosophy and other sciences.

Another exhibit, which is very impressive and worth admiring it, is the Bronze Statue of Zeus or Poseidon, which was found at the bottom of the sea in Evia. The statue is one of the few preserved original works of the Severe Style, notable for its motion and anatomy, a work of a great sculptor of the early Classical Period.

Generally, the exhibits of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens are one of a kind, and it is definitely worth visiting the website of the museum in order to be informed about all the exhibits and get familiar with this great place for the history of Greece.

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