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The ultimate guide to Mykonos

Cyclades ● Mykonos ● 25 June 2018
Mykonos - Reading time: 5 minutes

Mykonos is undoubtedly the star of the Cyclades. And it is of course one of the stops you can make during your Island Hopping in Greece with the amazing Greek Island Hopping Ferry Pass of Hostelbay. Mykonos offers every touristic facility you can imagine. It is an island with the most vivid nightlife in Europe, but it also has stunning beaches, maybe the most beautiful Chora in the Cyclades and elegant shops, boutiques and restaurants. Generally speaking, it is an ideal destination for bon viveurs. Explore it!


The Town of Mykonos is full of white-washed houses, narrow paved streets, bars, traditional restaurants, boutiques of haute couture, shops with souvenirs and local products and generally a world ideal to stroll around for hours! The most romantic spot of the Chora is Little Venice. Fishing houses line the waterfront with their balconies hanging over the sea, creating a unique scenery, which reminds of Venice. Cocktail bars and restaurants by the sea are perfect for relaxing before the big party, but in Little Venice you may see also people that want to enjoy the lounge music away from the crowds of youngsters and loud music. Scarpa and Caprise are the most popular bars in Little Venice. Things there are calmer, but there is always the possibility, as with every place on the island, that a party starts out of nowhere. After midnight, most bars in Little Venice become party spots.

Little Venice

In Mykonos Chora, don't miss the Windmills. They are standing at the highest point of the town with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and the whole island. They are well-preserved, being a vivid sample of the Cycladic architecture. Taking photos at this spot is a must to remember the unforgettable moments of your vacations. The windmills are the trademark of the island, a symbol of the Cyclades!

At night, the best place to be in the Chora is the streets inside the town that remind of a labyrinth. They are called Matoyianniaand here is the center of Mykonos nightlife with innumerable clubs and bars for a convenient bar-hopping with lots of drinks and the sound of techno, house, pop and Greek music until late the next morning. Elegant shops, restaurants from many cuisines, boutiques and wonderful squares make this area in Mykonos Town the best place to walk around, meet new people and discover the beauty of this white town...

Another wonderful spot in Chora is the Old Port. The Old Port is the waterfront site of the town next to Little Venice and under the windmills. It is important to have a map of Mykonos Town in your mind because the place is really like a labyrinth and you can easily get lost walking around for hours (of course this is not a problem, as this walk is truly a top experience). The asset of the Old Port is that it combines everything. Here, you can find cafés to have breakfast, shops with souvenirs, traditional taverns as well as some of the most famous clubs and hotels of the island. The promenade by the sea is not as crowded as inside the town, in Matoyiannia, giving you the opportunity for a relaxing stroll, eating souvlaki or an ice cream.


Mykonos has amazing, long and sandy exotic beaches with crystal, emerald sea waters. They are well-organised, with beach bars for endless partying and luxury restaurants. Moreover, in every organised beach, you can find water sports facilities, such as wind and kite surf, ski, canoeing, scuba diving and water games. But the most impressive thing is that there are also quiet beaches, where you can relax and listen to the waves and the wind while swimming in a beautiful landscape. As mentioned earlier, Mykonos is the island for every traveller because there you can combine everything you want, relaxation or party.

A beach with extraordinary beauty is Super Paradise. It is considered a party beach, with two beach bars and restaurants for having fun until night. Super Paradise has the most turquoise waters I have seen in my life! It is also a gay-friendly and nudism beach.

Super Paradise

Next to Super Paradise, is located Paradise Beach, which attracts mostly young people thanks to its endless day and night party. It is nudism-friendly and has also a diving club. Cavo Paradiso is the most popular club on the island, if not in Greece. Worldwide famous for its electro, techno and house music, Cavo Paradiso organises parties with the best DJ's in the world. All day and night long, you can have there the wildest moments of your life.

Another party beach is Kalo Livadi, which is famous due to the beach bar Solymar and its elegant parties and high quality food. Solymar is an awarded restaurant with Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, which offers you a high culinary experience. The good news is that you can accompany your food with music and dance. During the day and until night, Solymar combines good food with people dancing on the table, drink champagnes and have fun with mostly Greek and oriental music.

Very popular and cosmopolitan is PsarrouThanks to the popular luxury beach restaurant Nammos, it attracts many celebrities from all over the worldNammos is a beach restaurant, which is considered to be one of the most famous restaurants in Europe. With mostly Mediterranean cuisine, this luxury restaurant is one of the best you can find on the island. Its reputation is so widespread that in 2017, Nammos opened one more restaurant in the French Alps.

Paraga seems, due to the rocks in its middle, like two beaches. The left part is quieter, while the right part has the famous beach bars Kahlua and Scorpios for an unforgettable experience of luxury. Kahlua offers sunbeds and umbrellas by the sea. Chill music in the afternoon, which turns into dance music after a while, gives you the opportunity to drink your cocktail, swim, sunbathe and dance in the exact same place. Scorpios is a huge, elegant beach bar and restaurant. Convenient sunbeds under the palm trees create a scenery completely attuned to the nature. You can relax there and admire the view of the sea, but there is always the possibility that a party begins out of nowhere.

Kalafatis is famous thanks to its fully organised water sports centre due to the constantly blowing north wind, while Elia is one of the longest beaches on the island. Only 10 km from Mykonos Town, it offers a wide choice of taverns and is quieter than the other beaches.

Lia is famous for its soft sand and its crystal waters, and it is quieter than the other beaches in Mykonos. Even quieter, actually an off-the-beaten-path choice, is Agrari. Partly organised, with soft sand and the clearest waters you can find, it offers you a perfect opportunity to relax.


The best asset of Mykonos is its nightlife, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for youngsters and students in Europe. Of course, even older people come to the island because there they can also enjoy high qualuty nightlife in elegant clubs and beach restaurants. Partying in Mykonos is everywhere. At the beach bars or in Chora. The day begins after 11 or even 12 in the noon, because last night, everyone was having fun in a club until late.

After having breakfast, you can go to one of the numerous party beaches in Mykonos, such as Super Paradise, Paradise, Paraga or Kalo Livadi and stay there until late at night, swimming, dancing, flirting and drinking alcohol. Most people go then to their hotel, sleep and get rest until the midnight. Then, the party in Mykonos Town begins! 

First stop: Little Venice. There, you can drink a cocktail and warm up for the rest of the night. The bars here are usually calm on evening, but often, the amazing atmosphere creates parties out of nowhere. Next stop: Matoyiannia. Small bars and clubs with famous DJ's in the pebbled streets of Chora, where you can drink and dance in one bar and hear the music of another, make these streets the ultimate destination for bar-hopping until late in the following morning. Stroll around, and you will find many music bars, where you can spend unique moments with your friends and make new ones.

The best out-of-town clubs are located in Paradise Beach. Cavo Paradiso and Paradise organise some of the wildest rave parties with world-class DJ's that are famous all over Europe. If you have been or want to visit Ibiza, it's time to rethink it. Mykonos is the new ultimate destination for young people in Europe that are willing to live extraordinary experiences.


But Mykonos is not only the island of crazy nightlife, alcohol and partying all day long. It is not only the island, where rich people spend thousands of Euros to buy truly expensive clothes, shoes and jewelry in the impressive boutiques. It is also an island that offers you the opportunity to spend cultural vacation and visit one of the most significant historical sites in Greece.

For the lovers of history, the island of Delos is something unique. According to mythology, Delos was the birthplace of God Apollo, and the ancient Greeks considered it a sacred place, building the Temple of Apollo and a theatre for theatrical performances. The historical site of Delos is located in a very close distance to Mykonos and is connected with it by boat several times in the day in less than 20 minutes. In addition to the ancient temple and the theatre, you can also see the Avenue of the Lions to the way to the temple of Apollo and admire the findings of the excavations in the Archaeological Museum. Other fascinating landmarks in Delos are the House of Dionysus, a luxury private house, the Doric Temple of Isis, the Hellenistic Agora as well as the House of the Naxians.

Greek Island Hopping

Another great asset of Mykonos is that the island is located in the Middle of the complex of Cyclades. That means it is the ultimate destination for Greek Island Hopping. If you book online the ultimate Greek Island Hopping ferry pass, Greek Island Pass of Hostelbay, you will pay the price of only one ticket, but you will have the chance to visit up to 7 islands including Mykonos and make all the ferry routes you need to go from island to another. The price of only one ferry ticket, but 7 Greek islands waiting for you! Cool?

In only 1-2 hours by ferry, you can visit Naxos with its delicious cuisine, the important historical sites, the beautiful mainland villages and the exotic beaches. Paros with its crazy nightlife and the gorgeous port of Naousa. Ios, the island of young people, who want to have fun and live alternative vacation. Amorgos, the island of Big Blue, with the impressive Chora at the top of the cliff and the relaxing atmosphere. Koufonisia near Naxos, the tiny island, where you don't need a car, and you can truly get rest, sunbathing and swimming in these emerald waters that make you think you have found the Caribbean in Greece. Santorini, the queen of the Aegean Sea, the island with the most impressive landscape you have ever seen in your life with the white-washed villages of Oia, Fira and Imerovigli hanging at the edge of the caldera, which offers a magnificent view of the volcano.

Greek island Hopping is the best way to see as many famous Greek islands as possible in a summer that remains unforgettable and one of the most exciting experiences of your life...

Where to Stay

Hotel in Mykonos, Greece Thomas Hotel
Thomas Hotel
Drakouri Area, 84600 Mykonos, Greece

Thomas Hotel is situated 2.5 km away from Mykonos town in Drakouri area. The main port of Mykonos is 3 km away while the airport is at 3.5 km.#