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The vacations on a Greek island that changed my life

Dodecanese ● Nisyros ● 15 June 2017
Life is busy, full of work and anxiety. Sometimes, we forget that life is good. Lost in our schedules, the deadlines and the demands of our employer, we can't see where happiness is, we can't notice the small things that matter. In such a situation, I was when I decided that I needed vacations. Real vacations, when you relax, sleep, spend unplanned moments. Not the vacations on a crowded island, where the feeling is same with being in Athens. Last summer, I just wanted to find peace and meet authentic people in a calm scenery. So, I booked a week in Nisyros.

Islands off-the-beaten path were not exactly my type. I thought I would not have anything to do and people would not know anything about tourists and how they should treat them. But I wanted to find a hidden gem, and I chose an island that is literally at the edge of Greece, near Turkey. I have nothing to lose, I said to myself. At the end of the day, I will swim and sunbathe. What can go wrong? The truth was that in my mind, everything could go wrong. What if the people were boorish or rude? The last thoughts before my arrival in Nisyros were that maybe, I should have reconsidered it before I booked my tickets. I was used in Mykonos and Santorini, why have I taken such a decision for my vacations?


Well, the moment when the boat reached the port of Nisyros, all these thoughts started to seem ridiculous. This island was the loveliest place I have ever seen. It was not only its beauty or its stunning beaches, but something more. It was the energy of this volcanic island, the positive vibes, the aura of the main town and the small villages in Nisyros. This island could give you the unique feeling of being home and at the same time exploring a new place. Maybe, the biggest advantage of Nisyros is its people. These smiling people that show you the meaning of authentic hospitality. They can't offer you the facilities of a touristic island of Greece, but they love their place so much that they trasmit this love to every visitor.

After the first two days in Nisyros, I have changed the way of seeing my life as well as my vacations. I realised that is meaningless to search consecutively the success and the perfection. We don't have to run our whole life in a marathon without ending. We just have to stop a little, open our eyes and explore new things, even those that we thought they deserve nothing. Every summer since then, I visit an off-the-beaten-track Greek island. Since my vacations in Nisyros, I find it meaningless to run after the fancy things. Happiness can be found in true peace, and Nisyros gave me the authenticity to understand how unhappy I was with this exhaustive way of life. Sometimes, you just need to relax in a scenery that looks like heaven.