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The wine villages of Cyprus

Cyprus ● 18 August 2017

In the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, the traditional villages with their cobblestone paths, the old stone houses and their wineries are ideal for a wonderful wine tour in the long wine-making tradition Cyprus has. Only 1 hour by car from Larnaca, these beautiful villages are waiting for you for an alternative journey in nature, spirits and aromas. Book your flight and your traditional guesthouse or hotel in Cyprus  and be prepared for unforgettable vacations in krasochoria (=wine villages) of Cyprus.

The wine route starts at Platres, a small alpine village, which has enjoyed a great reputation since its luxury hotels hosted great personalities, such as Egypt's King Farouk, Nobel laureate Giorgos Seferis and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Don't forget to buy some handmade chocolates filled with Cypriot flavours, such as zivania and commandaria wine.

Wine in Cyprus

Foini is a leafy village renowned for its ceramics and loukoumia. Visit the Pilavakion Museum of Folk Art and its extensive collection of traditional earthenware pottery.

Omodos is another village in the cluster of Krasochoria and is developed in terms of tourism. The highlight there is Timios Stavros, one of the oldest monasteries in Cyprus, which is also home to several small museums, such as the National Liberation Struggle and Byzantine Icons museums, the Ecclesiastical Treasury, the Culture Museum of Folk Art, the Gallery, the Picture Museum and the Centre for the Preservation of Narrow-Knit Embroidery.

Vasa Koilaniou is a lovely peaceful village, where you will find the Zivania Museum, which showcases all the tools and equipment used in the distillation of the traditional pomace brandy. In this village, is also situated one of the most significant wineries, the Vasa Winery, located in a traditional building of the 19th century.

Next stop is Arsos, a nice village with a beautiful church dedicated to its patron saint, Apostle Philip.

Picturesque Koilani is a wine lover's paradise, the crossroads of wine routes. Spend some time to see the Monogenis Church with its priceless heirlooms and icons as well as the Viticulture Museum. For wine-tasting, go to the Vlassides Winery, which is housed in an impressive industrial building.

In Agios Amvrosios, you can visit the Zambartas Wineries, which offers tours and tastings of award-winning labels.

Last stop is one of the loveliest villages in Cyprus, Lofou. In Lofou, you will find traditional guesthouses, rustic chic restaurants and old wineries, which make you feel like having travelled back in time.