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The wonderful beaches of Paros

Cyclades ● Paros ● 30 April 2017

Paros is among the most popular islands of Cyclades, famous for its vivid nightlife and the amazing things you can do there. Paros has also wonderful beaches that will impress you with their crystal waters and the touristic facilities they offer.

1. Pounda Beach

Pounda is a long sandy beach with a famous beach bar, which gets very crowded at summer. Basically, the beach bar of Pounda is the place, where all young people of the island gather and have fun until late at night. 9 km from Parikia Paros, this beach is the perfect spot for partying as well as relaxing in the comfortable sunbeds and drinking cocktails.

Pounda Beach

2. Kolympithres

In the area of Naousa Paros, Kolympithres is the most beautiful beach of the island. Rocky formations, amazing crystal waters, soft sand and sunbeds/ umbrellas make this beach the best place for a day with your friends or your children.


3. Santa Maria

Near Naousa Paros, is located the long and sandy beach of Santa Maria. It is organised, with every touristic facility you need, and it also offers water sports activities. It has a diving club and windsurfing centres, and behind the beach, is located a campsite that is one of the most popular in Cyclades.

Santa Maria

4. Golden Beach

Golden Beach (or Chrissi Akti in Greek), thanks to its wind, is the ideal place for windsurfing. Every summer, an international windsurfing competition (Professional Windsurfing World Cup) takes place on that beach. It is located in a close distance to Parikia Town (Paros), has emerald waters and is perfect for families as well as young people. Right next to Golden Beach, you can find the New Golden Beach, a less developed beach that can offer you peace and privacy.

5. Parasporos

Parasporos, located south of Parikia Town (Paros), is a popular, crowded beach with water sports amenities, sunbeds and umbrellas. A campsite nearby makes this beach the place, where many young people gather. The beach bar organises parties with cocktails, but Parasporos is also a family-friendly beach because it is long, and you can easily find a part that is quiet and calm.

6. Monastiri

Accessible from Naousa Paros, Monastiri is a rocky bay in a close distance to the beach of Kolympithres. A monastery on the top of the hill dominates the landscape. Monastiri is a popular harbour for yachts, and it is known for its beauty and its impressive scenery.


7. Livadia

Livadia is the closest beach to Parikia Paros, and due to its location, it gets crowded in July and August. It is an organised, sandy beach and an ideal spot, if you don't want to drive away from Parikia Paros.

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Paros, Greece Hotel Christiana
Hotel Christiana
Ampelas, 84401 Paros, Greece

Hotel Christiana is located in Ampelas, just a few meters from Ampelas beach. Parikia and Paros Port are 13.4 km away. Paros National Airport is 22.8 km away.