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These are the best spots to enjoy the sunset in Santorini

Cyclades ● Santorini ● 16 May 2017

You have been told that, but you won’t believe it until you experience it: in Santorini, you will watch the best sunset of your life. On the island, everything has to do with the sunset. The visitors plan their schedule in order to be ready at the sunset time, while all excursions include these precious minutes on their timetable. But where are these great places, where you can catch the sun sinking into the sea and feel the magic of the gold Greek sunlight mirroring at the calm waters and brightening the volcanic cliffs?

Oia, the picturesque village with the view of the whole caldera, is the most obvious answer to this question. The whitewashed houses of Oia are the most distinctive feature of the village and the pink reflection of the sun makes the scenery just amazing. The only problem is that Oia during the sunset time is overcrowded, and especially during the summer months, sometimes you have to hunt the best spot hours before the sunset.


If you want a quieter place, you can choose the village of Imerovigli (Santorini). In Imerovigli (Santorini), you catch the sunset at a higher point than in Oia, specifically at 300 meters above sea level, and enjoy a more expansive view. The sun sets directly front and center, behind the small island of Thirassia.


An alternative option is the lighthouse at Akrotiri Santorini, on the other side of the island. This place is for those who want to escape the crowds.

A great place is also a vineyard, where you can taste the famous wine of Santorini. Many wine tours are organised around the island, and the visitors prefer the sunset version, at which they can drink a glass of the delicious wine in a traditional winery, whilst the sun sinks into the sea giving the vineyard an orange colour.

Sunset cruise excursions in Santorini are also very popular. They give you the advantage not to be stuck to one spot, but to chase the sun and feel this magic from the inside of the caldera. An amazing option of these cruises is in a traditional wooden schooner, listening to classical music and watching the changing hues of the sunset, a palette from warm gold to rosy pink.

Sunset cruise excursion

Wherever you choose to spend your time during the golden hour in Santorini, be prepared to click thousands of camera shutters. But still, no picture is like your eyes, so just breathe and let your soul be full of emotions, joy and gratefulness for having lived such an experience that will keep you company as a memory for the rest of your life.