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These islands you should visit next year for vacation away from the crowds

Agistri ● Kastellorizo ● Koufonisia ● Kythnos ● Tinos ● 23 September 2018
There are some Greek islands that attract thousands of tourists every year. But Greece is not only Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Zante and Corfu. If you want to spend vacation on an island away from mass tourism, there are some Greek islands that are extremely beautiful, but the tourists haven't discovered them yet. It is really weird, but these islands are still hidden gems in the Aegean Sea. It is only a matter of time that travelers all over the world, who are tired of the mass tourism, will discover them. If you want to discover them first, read this article to know what to expect, and get ready to spend vacation in virgin paradises before the others!


Agistri is a small, unspoiled Greek island in a very short distance to Athens (less than 2 hours by boat, 1 hour by ferry) in the Saronic Gulf near Aegina. Agistri is a perfect for swimming in truly crystal waters on the beaches with the lush greenery dominating the scenery. Agistri is a small island, and you can go everywhere you want on foot, by bicycle or by taxi on a budget. It is an off-the-beaten track choice, an authentic virgin island for the travellers searching for something different. Athenians love it because it is a hidden gem, an untouched oasis near the Greek capital, where you can relax and be in contact with nature. It is truly weird how Agistri has not yet been discovered. Everybody go to Hydra, Aegina and Spetses, but after a few years, when these islands are full of tourists, Agistri will be the next best thing among the Saronic Islands. This is why you should visit it now, when you can still find peace and relaxation.

The villages of Agistri are distinguished by their traditional character and the pine trees all around. Skala and Megalochori are the two villages you should not miss during your vacation in Agistri. Skala is the main port of the island and the most developed tourist resort. In Skala, you can eat in one of the traditional taverns at the beachfront, and there are also many accommodation options there. Skala is also the centre of the island's nightlife, but don't expect wild nightlife in Agistri. Things are calm and family-friendly, but of course, you can find some bars to have fun with other young people. The other worthwhile village of the island is Megalochori, Agistri's capital. It has traditional architecture and a cozy small port, where fishing boats and seaside taverns give the scenery a lovely essence. Stone-built, white-washed houses and a windmill that dates back to ancient times create amazing pictures in this settlement, which is more traditional and untouched than Skala.

Agistri its famous for its crystal, emerald waters, which are perfect for swimming. You can go to the popular organised beaches of Megalochori and Skala, where you can sunbathe and drink your coffee on a sunbed, or choose Aponisos and Dragonera, which are characterised by natural beauty away from the crowds. We recommend you to walk around the island because it is full of wonderful coves and tiny pebbled beaches, which are definitely worth visiting.


I went  to Kythnos this summer, and I still can't understand how this island of Cyclades, so close to Athens is a virgin paradise. To Kythnos, you need only 1,5 hour by boat to reach Kythnos from Lavrion Port, while from Piraeus Port 3 hours. The ferry tickets are very cheap and the route in the Aegean Sea just amazing. It is only a matter of time for this wonderful typical Cycladic island with the gorgeous beaches and the traditional villages to be the star of the Aegean Sea, especially because it is the closest Cycladic island to the Greek capital. Hurry up!

The Chora of Kythnos is situated at the top of a cliff and it was built there in order to be hidden from the pirates. It is a lovely village with white washed houses with bougainvilleas hanging from the windows, cobblestone paths, friendly shops to buy local products, jewellery and clothes as well as traditional taverns and bars. Chora is also full of small chapels that are built with the traditional architecture of the island. Loutra is the most touristic settlement of Kythnos. It is a seaside village, where you can eat breakfast, spend the night in one of the modern guesthouses and drink cocktail, listen to music and dance in a lovely bar by the sea. In Loutra, there are also thermal springs, one of the oldest in Greece. These springs are considered to be therapeutic, and one of their greatest assets is their low entrance ticket. Only 20 minutes there, can cure many health issues, such as gynaecological or arthritic problems. Don't miss visiting the small cove of Agia Irini, 1 km away from Loutra, with the gorgeous small chapel at the edge of the cape. Another amazing village in Kythnos is Dryopida, a wonderful small settlement at the top of the cliff, which is definitely worth visiting. It has a different character to Loutra and Chora as it is built with the traditional architecture of Kythnos with many neoclassical houses with roof tiles. Dryopida is the perfect place to eat, have a walk in the cobblestone paths and drink cocktails at the central square.

Kythnos has more than 80 beaches, and some of them are of breathtaking beauty! Turquoise waters and white soft sand make you feel like having explored a heaven on earth. The star of the island is of course Kolona, a two-side beach with emerald waters and golden sand. Other stunning beaches are Gaidouromantra, Skylos and Agios Stefanos, but they are unorganised like most beaches on the island. Organised beaches with beautiful beach bars are Martinakia, Episkopi and Apokrousi.


I went to Tinos two years ago, when I thought that only Mykonos, the neighboring island could charm me. But I was wrong. Tinos is something more than just the Monastery of Virgin Mary. Of course, Tinos is also a significant religious destination, and it has thousands of pilgrims each year. But if you go just a few kilometers away from the port, you will discover untouched villages, when time has stopped. They are numerous, elegant, traditional and well-preserved. They are not located far away from each other, but if you want to visit the most important of them, like Ysternia, Pyrgos, Kardiani, Volax and Dyo Choria, you need definitely a few days. White-washed houses, local shops, modern restaurants and narrow pebbled streets will give the Cycladic aura in your holidays.

In Pyrgos, the largest and maybe the prettiest village at the north part of the island, you can learn about the long tradition of Tinos in sculpture. Don’t forget to visit the museum of sculpture, which is near to the marble sculpture school that even today has a lot of students of all over Greece, as well as many galleries with marble creations that will impress you. Pigeon houses, designed with the traditional architecture and made from the local marble of Tinos, are everywhere giving an elegant atmosphere in the countryside of the island.
In regard to the beaches, Tinos has numerous coves and bays, but Kolimpithra, the star of Tinos, is one of the most impressive beaches in Cyclades. Long and sandy, with huge waves and a wild landscape, this beach can offer you a unique day by the sea. At Kolimpithra, something fun and friendly creates an alternative scenery in this stunning beach with one of the best beach bars in Greece. A VW campervan converted into a bar, driftwood furniture and umbrellas woven by local basket-makers have as a result a cozy atmosphere where you can drink cocktails, eat crepes and salads and enjoy the windiest beach in Tinos by making water sports, such as wind surf and kite surf.


Koufonisia, the complex of two tiny islands of the Small Cyclades, near Naxos, combine fun and relaxation, peace and privacy. I think that after 3-4 years, Koufonisia will be the Mykonos of Small Cyclades thanks to their turquoise waters that make you feel like swimming in the Caribbean Sea. The beaches of Koufonisia are cozy bays with white sand and the azure waters. Foinikas is the first beach of a complex of beaches (the other two are Fanos and Italida), which are located the one next to the other and look like each other. Sandy coves with golden sand, crystal waters and the ultimate feeling of relaxation, only a few meters from the port. Fanos has a lovely beach bar, where you can drink, eat and listen to the lounge music, which makes you really enjoy your holidays. The remotest beach of Koufonisi, Pori, is also the most beautiful beach on the island. I took the boat to go there, and I really enjoyed the route that lasts 15 minutes. Pori is a long sandy beach with stunning waters, surrounded by a wild landscape that reminded me of a desert. On the one side, the beach is calm, ideal for swimming and sunbathing, and on the other side, the strong wind and the waves have created an imposing landscape. Near Pori, there is an astonishing small beach inside a cave, whose white waters thanks to the foams of the waves gave it the name Gala, which means milk!

If you like swimming in the best sea waters you can find in the Aegean Sea, go everywhere of foot and enjoy the Cycladic atmosphere of the cozy Chora, then don't miss Koufonisia. But do it now, because the tourists will discover them, and then it will be too late!


Kastellorizo is a tiny island with 300 hundred residents in the south-eastern Dodecanese. With only one village and without beaches, Kastellorizo is something different, a mythical place in the edge of Greece, literally closer to Turkey than to Greece. It is the easternmost Greek island, where it was filmed in 1991 the Oscar-winning movie Mediterraneo. The beauty of the Kastellorizo's settlement, a peace of Italy in the Aegean Sea. The architecture of the port has Italian and Ottoman influences, offering its visitors a surprising mixture of these civilisations. The port is a lovely tiny village on the waterfront with colourful neoclassical houses, mosques and churches. Walking around the beach promenade, eating fresh fish in one of the traditional taverns on the beachfront or drinking your cocktail in the cozy bars of Kastellorizo are must things to do in this island with the positive vibes, from where all travellers leave smiling.
Another great asset of Kastellorizo is that you don't need a motorbike or car. You can go everywhere in the port on foot! For the tours around the island and to the caves, you can rent a boat on your own or just participate in the organised tours that start every morning from the port.

Although Kastellorizo doesn't have any sandy beaches, it has the clearest blue waters in the Aegean Sea. A top excursion is by boat to the Parastas Sea Cave (or in Italian Blue Grotto). Especially early in the morning, when the sunlight gets into the cave colouring the waters turquoise, the sight is spectacular. 

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