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Things to do in Arachova

Arachova ● Delphi ● Itea ● 24 November 2016

Arachova is a traditional village, which is the most famous winter destination in Greece. It is very popular thanks to the Ski Centre of Parnassos as well as its natural beauty, its rich historical background and the impressive architecture with the well-preserved stone buildings. One thing is for sure: there are so many things to do in Arachova that your weekend will be unforgettable.


The Ski Centre of Parnassos

Only 2 hours drive from Athens, the Ski Centre of Parnassos, in a short distance from Arachova, is the best ski resort for the residents of the capital. It is very well organised, with new lifts and slopes that can satisfy even the most demanding skier. There, you can improve your skills in many winter sports, such as ski, snowboard and langlauf. Plus, with the travel insurance we offer, you can be totally carefree while skiing because you don't have to worry about anything.

The archaeological site of Delphi

Due to the proximity of Arachova to Delphi, you can also enjoy a weekend full of culture and archaeology. In this site, you can explore the Oracle, the Temple of Apollo, the Theatre, the Stadium and the Museum of Delphi, and you will be glad to see one of the most important testaments of the ancient Greek civilisation.


The cosmopolitan character and the nightlife

Arachova has a bustling nightlife to offer, which makes the village a cosmopolitan winter destination. You can find there traditional coffee shops, luxury restaurants, modern bars and crowded clubs. You can take a walk in the narrow, cobblestone streets of the village and discover its traditional beauty, and then, enjoy the variety of places to have fun and get entertained. You will also find a plethora of hotels and guest houses to choose depending on the budget you have.

Hiking and mountain tours

If you are not a fan of ski, the Mountain of Parnassos is perfect for other activities too. You can hike from Delphi to the cave of Korykeion Andron, or have a tour at the mountain by jeep, endure or mountain bike.

Taste the famous local products

In Arachova, you will have a memorable gourmet experience. Sarmades (stuffed grape leaves), hilopites (egg noodles), trahanas (sweet or sour pasta soup) and the local cheese formaela are only some of the specialties with a unique taste you will love.

Daily excursions

In a short distance from Arachova, you can visit the seaside towns of Itea and Galaxidi as well as the Byzantine Monastery of Osios Loukas.