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Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Greece

Greece ● 12 January 2018

When you are travelling to Greece or for that matter to any other part of the world – do know for a fact that flight, accommodation, food, and attractions are not the only things that you should know about. There are nuances --- acquainting yourself with which will only help you overcome minor and major stumbling blocks with ease. For instance, there isn’t a dearth of travellers, who are actually sceptical of crossing borders because they don’t know Greek. They think the language barrier will actually end up hindering the entire experience in the country. On the contrary, however, do know for a fact that on an average, Greeks below forty years of age generally speak English. Those from the tourist industry placed in areas preferred by foreign tourists know English well.

These are those little nuances of travelling to Greece which only in-depth research from your end will help you acquire. Here is a rundown of the other things that you should know before you’re venturing out to Greece.

You shouldn’t gain weight

Some of the experienced travellers out there suggest stretchy pants because you eat Meze in Greece. If you are settling for a proper meal at a conventional tavern, then be rest assured about the fact that it will consist of Meze. Meze is Greece’s answer to Spain’s tapas. Plates after plates full of delicacies can actually leave you yearning for more --  saganaki, tzatziki, feta, grilled veggies, lamb and what else? The trick is to wear those stretchy pants to avoid immediate discomfort after being full. Try not to gain weight while you’re there in Greece.


Those toilets!!!

Watch the toilets because many describe them as plain quirky. Much besides blaming the Greek plumbing system, seasoned travellers have been quick to point out that different toilets may have different variants as far as the flushing system is concerned. It might as well be pull chain or a standard flush or an elevated tank. Your predicament does not really end with you having to figure out ways of flushing. The Greek toilet system is mostly devoid of toilet paper. You are supposed to finish your work in the toilet and then put the paper in the nearby wastebasket.

Knowing this much we think will help you amply when you are actually using a Greek toilet.

The Antiquity

Expect to come across a lot of old buildings while you’re taking a trip to Greece. In fact, the place is actually brimming with ancient ruins and medieval spots – the history of which can be traced back to the turn of the century.  So, seasoned travellers insist on segregating your trip instead of taking a long tour because these edifices will ultimately end up overwhelming you. Since they are fiercely protected for tourism purposes, do expect to pay up a high entry or trip fee for these sites as well.


Is scooter rides fine?

Don’t expect to take a tour of scooters or motorcycles if you are inexperienced because it’s simply not safe.  Haven’t you heard about the cobbled roads or the wildly curvy roads? If not, then make sure you are reading up about the attractions and you will be able to secure an idea. If you are way too confident about your riding skills, then only think about settling for a ride. Do wear your helmet and ensure that you are keeping a watch on the roads. Do watch your speed as well!!

Exhausting Car Journeys

Another major impediment is the car journey itself. For instance, if you’re actually planning car hire for the major tourist attractions, then do know for a fact that you will be left exhausted after 45 minutes or so. And the rough terrains are to be blamed for the same once again. Thanks to the rough terrain, the bumpy rides can be endured but only up till the first half an hour or 45 minutes. So, instead of tiring yourself out, do consider stopping by in the villages for some memorable experiences. The associating view can also turn out to be a part of rewarding memories.


You might as well stepping foot on Athens without assumptions because it has already been touted as the safest capital of the world. However, let us tell you that there still are possibilities of isolated cases of pickpockets. In fact, as per reports, the rate of pickpocket has increased in this particular place but do let us tell you that you will have nothing to worry about if you are duly cautious.

On time, or not?

Do not expect to get everything done very fast just because you are on time. When it comes to the primary modes of transport like ferries, trains, buses, and hydrofoils, Greece does give its tourists its relative time sense to contend with. While it is possible for them to run late in Greece do not be surprised to find that they can actually go on to run early as well. For instance, hydrofoils at times may just leave early because of weather conditions, don’t really be frustrated by occasional delays and get rid of your punctuality in its entirety.

You’re good to go! 

Sarah is a senior content curator in, a leading holiday portal in Dubai, UAE.

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