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This is the Cycladic island with the 75 stunning beaches

Cyclades ● Milos ● 13 September 2017
There is an island of Cyclades, which has the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean Sea, which are also numerous. Milos has volcanic soil, which creates an astonishing scenery with beaches that look like the painting of the most inspired artist. The whole island can be described as a natural geological wonder with its unique volcanic rock covering the island's surface. 75 beaches, endless options and extraordinary beauty make Milos a paradise for those, who love sea, sunbathing and swimming.

Achivadolimni, covered with white sand and endowed with emerald waters is the longest bay in Milos. On the western side of the island, you will find Pachena, a sandy beach with tamarisk trees, Mytakas, a lovely and narrow sandy beach with turquoise waters, as well as Alogomandra, where a large cave offers shade.

The charming little harbour of Mantrakia, lined with small syrmata (fishermen houses), is reminiscent of a bygone era. Fyropotamos has crystal clear waters, impressive rock formations and tamarisks for shadow. Papafragas is a widely known but difficult to reach beach of Milos. It is an intricately shaped inlet that opens up to the sea through a picturesque naturally formed arch. Plathiena offers fine sand, green waters, magnificent view of the rocky Arkoudes islets nearby, as well as shelter from the summer winds that blow strongly in Cyclades.

Sarakiniko is an unearthly lunar landscape comprised of fossilised volcanic rock and emerald waters, and it is the most famous beach of Milos. 

On the southern side of the island, there are outstanding beaches, like Agia Kyriaki, a large well-maintained fine beach with white pebbles and tamarisks, Gerontas with its trademark stone arch to the right, Paliochori, a stunning beach with many beach bars and taverns, as well as Provatas, which is a family-friendly beach.
Kleftiko, a much-photographed beach featuring grey and white impressive rocks, caves, small hills and turquoise waters, is accessible only by boat. With its blue waters and small caves, Tsigrado is one of the island's most beautiful beaches but difficult to reach, as access can be done only through a path that includes a ladder and rope. 


Equally impressive is Fyriplaka, which features steep pink cliffs and a towering rock at its centre. On the eastern side of the island, Thiafes is located below the the old sulphur mines, while the western side features Triades, Ammoudaraki and Ai Giannis, which are sandy beaches bordered by cliffs on both sides. There, you can have a quiet swim even during the high season.

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Milos, Greece Vivere a Plakes
9.5 10
Vivere a Plakes
Plakes, Plaka Milou, 84800 Milos, Greece

The Cycladic-style complex Vivere A Plakes is located it the picturesque village Plakes, in Milos, just on the outskirts of the traditional capital Plaka. Adamantas port is at 4 km, while Milos National Airport is at 8 km. The beautiful beaches of Fyropotamos and Plathiena are at 1.1 km and 1.5 km.