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This unknown Greek island is the top destination for this year according to international media

Astypalaia ● Dodecanese ● 02 August 2017

Astypalaia is captured between two worlds. It belongs to the island complex of Dodecanese, but its heart beats for the style and aura of Cyclades. A Venetian Castle at the top of the hill, white-washed houses surrounding it and churches with blue domes make Astypalaia the island that combines the best characteristics of Dodecanese and Cyclades. The "butterfly of the Aegean Sea", as it is its nickname, stands proudly overlooking the deep blue waters and attracting visitors that can appreciate what the island has to offer.

Besides, it is not a coincidence that famous travel bloggers and international media suggest Astypalaia as the hidden gem of Greece, which is the top destination for this year. Trivago gave Astypalaia the silver medal in its competition for the best islands in Europe, while American Express Essentials subsumed Astypalaia in the 41 must see international destinations for this year. The German newspaper Die Welt considers Astypalaia as a hidden gem, which is charming because it is unspoiled by the mass tourism, and travel bloggers all over the world adore it. European Union declared Astypalaia as ambassadress of Greece, and the island was awarded for its cuisine in the famous international gastronomic exhibition of James Beard Foundation in New York.


It is not only the beauty of Astypalaia that made it so popular worldwide. It is something more. That the local people care for their island, keep it modest but at the same time do everything they can to show the whole world that it is worth visiting. Astypalaia is an ideal destination for alternative tourism thanks to its agritourism, its hiking paths in small gorges, its tiny chapels with the magnificent view, its trekking options in interesting caves and its amazing seabed, perfect for the lovers of scuba diving.

Don't wait to find in Astypalaia all-inclusive hotels and highly developed touristic facilities. Of course, you will have on the island everything you need. Traditional Greek taverns with hospitable owners, cozy guesthouses and rooms to let by the sea, lovely bars under the imposing shadow of the castle and cafés in the narrow streets of Chora are everything you want to live the ultimate summer experience.

The authentic is what the visitor of Astypalaia searches, and the authentic is everywhere on the island. Flowered balconies, strolls around the ruins of the castle, rakomelo (warmed raki with honey) and smiling people are the essentials of unforgettable vacations. The windmills at the entrance of Chora will impress you with their beauty but also with the fact that the residents of Astypalaia cared about them like being their children. They are not only well-preserved but also house interesting exhibitions and libraries with books in many languages to attract foreign visitors.

Beach in Astypalaia

Another asset of Astypalaia is its cuisine, a local version of Greek cuisine that is being prepared by the cooks of the island, and it will make you feel like eating your mother's food. Pasta with lobster, risotto with cuttlefish, stuffed squid, fish roe salad with mussels, fish soup and grilled octopus are only some of the dishes you will taste in Astypalaia. One thing is for sure: you will easily understand why the cuisine of Astypalaia has been awarded in the international gastronomic exhibition in New York!