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Tips for budget holidays in Greece

Chalkidiki ● Cyclades ● Ionian islands ● Pelion ● Peloponese ● 23 August 2017

The money is not enough and yet you are wondering how to go on vacation? We’ve gathered some smart ways to help you reduce your expenses. 

Are you thinking of escaping but your budget won’t allow you to because it is too small? There is no need to worry as there are plenty of ways to reduce your expenses and go on vacation even for a few days.
Keep your notes, everyone…

1. It is best to choose to go on holidays either in June or in September

The reason for this is obvious, as during the high-season (July and August) the prices are extremely high. However, when the Summer or Autumn begins the case is different since you can find rooms having prices even 50% cheaper!

2. Fewer days of holidays doesn’t always mean that it is more affordable

You could do a market research while surfing the internet in order to discover full holiday packages that are going to be more affordable since there are better offers for a 5-day stay rather than a 3-day stay.

3. Online Booking

Those of you looking for destinations with hotels can find very good offers through online booking. At our online travel agency HostelBay, you can find cheaper rooms, which would have a different cost if you made your booking by phone. Also, on our online booking site, you can read reviews of people who have already visited a destination or a hotel and judge accordingly. It will help you organise your schedule better, and most of all find the best accommodation that suits your budget. You can get plenty of tips about Greece as well as the places that are worth vising by reading our blog!

4. It is best to choose packages that give you more than just the accommodation

For instance, it is to your advantage to get a room at a hotel that offers a meal or at least a good breakfast. Alternatively, a room with a kitchenette could save you lots of money that you would otherwise spend on taverns and restaurants for your everyday needs.

5. You might want to try the camping experience

Nowadays there are plenty of organised areas where even the most difficult and demanding customer can be satisfied. Some say that this experience can help you get the most out the place you are staying, living like an outcast, connecting with nature in the best way possible. For those who cannot be that close to nature for more than a day or two and want to be closer to civilisation, do check some of the best hostels and budget hotels here:! Value for money accommodation can save you a lot of trouble and finances…

6. Calculate your travelling costs (ferry, car, gas etc.)

Taking your car might make you exceed your budget if you estimate the expenses regarding gas, tolls as well as the ferry tickets. You can practically end up with an empty wallet. Instead, you could consider the option of reaching your destination by train, bus or airplane. Some airline offers include an extra discount for renting a car or motorbike at your holiday spot. Every month the Greek National Railway gives away special offers (online) to some of the most known cities of Greece with a small cost, starting from 9 euros! Consider purchasing our exclusive ferry ticket offer and roam the Aegean with the most value for money deal.

Budget vacations

7. About airline tickets, always pay attention to the "hidden" taxes and extra charges

For example, you should have in mind the extra charge for any baggage other than hand luggage on many flights. So, we carefully read the fine print and must be careful since very cheap aviation usually does not allow a date change. In this case, if there is such a flexibility (semi flex) it is better to select it, just be covered. It is one of the best ways to secure our money.

8. You can find cheaper flights if you choose flights departing from other parts of Greece except for Athens

You might want to split the route you are going to take. There are airports on many of Greece’s beautiful islands (Crete, Skiathos, Mykonos etc) as well as on the mainland in big cities like Thessaloniki. Keep in mind that the most affordable air tickets usually involve a very early awakening as the most economical flights fly out when the sun rises.

9. Select a destination that is not on the top list of the foreign tourists

The places that are chosen by the vast group of tourists have much higher prices. Consider that during the summer the prices are reduced in places found on mountains and other continental parts. You can make nice and economical holidays at half-price, in a lush green area with swimming pool, lake, or river.

10. Plan day trips around your base

Those of you who are unable to spend money on overnight stays on expensive destinations, local tourist offices and national busses you may choose to organise day trips on your own and try to escape in nearby destinations at fairly attractive prices, compared to the cost of gasoline. You could take a breath of dew, by choosing places like these: AthensThessalonikiVolos (Mt. Pelion), ManiKalamataPargaNafplionPatrasIoannina. Any of the above could make a great starting point to explore the nearby regions! You can learn more about urban Greece here.

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