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Tips for solo female travellers

Italy ● 21 October 2016

Tips for solo female travelers

Solo female traveller

Nowadays the idea of traveling terrifies many tourists, due to their fear of becoming victims of a terrorist attack. But what happens when it comes to women traveling alone, are they more in danger?

Most people believe that men can easily travel alone but women should think, at least twice, about it. But this does not mean that out there you won't find many women who take traveling seriously and do not intend on loosing the opportunity just because their vacation days do not match with their friends.

The truth is that a woman who travels alone will have to overcome many hazards, with the most usual being the sexual mistreatment, this is why she should definitely be careful during her journey.

The following are some tips which might save, a female traveler, from lots of trouble.

• Do not walk around, carrying many things with you

If you are going for shopping, supplies etc. have with you a backpack, so to put the items you have purchased, in the bag. Do not walk around with lots of shopping bags – which definitely can tell that you have money to spend...

• "Arm" yourself

In order to feel more confident, before you leave for your trip, you can have self-defense classes. You will feel mentally and physically stronger.

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• Plan your night

There is no need to stay in your hotel room every night, you just need to take some precocious measures. Try to enjoy the nightlife, but in places close to your hotel. Buy bottled, sealed drinks and always check your glass, do not leave it on the bar and then return to finish it. And please do not get drunk, do not get drunk, do not get drunk...

• Learn some basic phrases

It is very useful to learn some basic words for the restaurant and the transportation but it is more crucial to learn some emergency phrases, such as "help", "call the police", "fire". Think of how many foreign languages you are going to explore every time you are going to travel, which might also save your life

• Contact your beloved ones

Call home, send an e-mail, post something on Facebook, update your blog. Just communicate with your close friends and family, keep them updated about the place you are and your plans. Anything can happen, so if someone knows where you are it might help a lot.

Just use common sense !

Do not tell everyone you meet that you are traveling alone.
Follow your instinct. If you do not feel safe or sure about the place you are, leave as soon as possible.
• Avoid the tourist's look, especially the one of the lost tourist.
Be focused and always be aware of where you are.
• Do not dress in a provocative way.
• Leave your precious belongings at home. There is no need to carry with you precious jewels or lots of cash. Prefer to use cards for your payments.
• Last but not least avoid visiting countries where women are inferior in society and are victimized very often.