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Top 10 experiences to live in Athens Riviera

Athens ● 10 August 2017

Athens in summer is fascinating, and there are many places to spend amazing moments, dance by the sea, swim, sunbathe and eat seafood. The top place among them is Athens Riviera, the coastline that starts from Piraeus, passes from the suburbs Faliro, Alimos, Elliniko, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni and ends in Cape Sounio, where the Aegean Sea begins. Athens Riviera is marked by an amazing coastline, wonderful beaches with pine trees and water sports amenities, as well as archaeological points of interests. These are the top 10 experiences you should live in Athenian Riviera.

Vouliagmeni Lake

If you want to swim in a peaceful scenery, away from the crowds, Vouliagmeni Lake is also a nice spot for swimming in crystal waters and sunbathing in Athens Riviera. At the lake, a rare geological phenomenon waits to be discovered. The waters are continuously refreshed by the sea, which is next to the lake, as well as by the underground thermal springs. At the edge of the lake, near the impressive rocks, starts a labyrinth-like underwater cave with 14 tunnels. Among them, there is one, which reaches the 800 meters, making it the longest in the world. There is also a huge stalagmite in the cave, which gives the lake a mysterious and interesting character. The living world of the lake includes a variety of unique organisms, living in the green waters of this aquatic paradise. Among them, you can admire a sea anemone, species of sponges and molluscs and the fish Garra Rufa, which is known worldwide because it provides skin exfoliation and it is used in many fish spas.

Lake Vouliagmeni


The beaches of the coastline in Athens Riviera are numerous, and there are many inaccessible coves. This coastline is very interesting with caves, rocky formations and pine trees, so there is no better way to explore it than rent a rib or a sailing boat. The sea is calm, marinas are everywhere, and you can choose the route according to your preferences and possibilities.

Swim and sunbathe

In Athens Riviera, are located also the most beautiful beaches close to Athens centre. The beaches of Alimos, Glufada, Voula and Vouliagmeni give you a perfect opportunity to get out of Athens Center, which can be very hot during July and August, and only within half an hour, feel on your face the sea breeze and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Saronic Gulf.

Vouliagmeni Beach

Water sports

On the beaches of Astir Beach in Vouliagmeni and Yabanaki in Varkiza, you can find water-sports amenities for you and your family. Kite surf, wind surf, canoeing and water ski are waiting for you to stay fit during your vacations.


In Athens Riviera, there are also many bars, night clubs and chic restaurants for unforgettable moments under the stars. You can go to Akrotiri, the best summer live stage in Athens, eat cocktails in Balux in Glufada in a scenery that reminds of exotic resorts or eat sushi and dance until the dawn in Island, an amazing place in Varkiza, at the edge of a cliff by the sea, which makes you feel exactly like being on an island.

Cape Sounio-Aegean Sea

The end of Athens Riviera is Cape Sounio, which overlooks the Aegean Sea. The beaches of Sounio are so beautiful that they can literally compete the beaches of Cyclades. Is there something more exciting than swimming in the Aegean Sea, just one hour from Athens Center, admiring the ancient temple of Poseidon imposing the whole scenery and then eat seafood and drink ouzo under the stars, with the salt of the sea on your skin?

Temple of Poseidon

In Cape Sounio, you should also visit the ancient temple of Poseidon. It stands imposing on the top of the cliff offering you a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and an unforgettable journey to the antiquity of Greece. What will take your breath away is the myth behind this temple, behind the Aegean Sea, behind this steep slope. Cape Sounio is not just a cape, but the place where a king lost his life by the mistake of his son giving Aegean Sea his name.

Temple of Poseidon

Open-air cinema

The movies in Greece are not dubbed; contrariwise, you can watch it in its original language with Greek subtitles. This is why you can spend a wonderful evening relaxing in an open-air cinema, with beer, pop-corn and souvlaki. Cine Floisvos is located at the beginning of Athens Riviera, in Faliro, literally by the sea. From the first rows, you can watch the film lying in a relaxing sunbed and feeling the breeze of the sea on your face.

Eat seafood

In Athens Riviera, you can find many traditional taverns by the sea to eat seafood, drink ouzo and admire the sea view. The prices in these taverns are very affordable, and you will taste the delicious seafood of the Greek cuisine. Vouliagmeni, Piraeus, Varkiza and Saronida are the best districts to find traditional Greek taverns by the sea.

Fine dining

If you want to dine in a luxury, internationally awarded restaurant, you can definitely do that in Athens Riviera. Ithaki in Vouliagmeni, Matsuhisa in Astir Hotel and Kohylia in Lagonisi are your best options to eat high quality food in a romantic scenery by the sea.

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