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Top 10 Greek Souvenirs to take back home

Greece ● 19 September 2017

When going back home from a beautiful destination, where we have enjoyed amazing vacations, in addition to the photos and the memories we have, we want to buy nice things and local products to remember the place we visited. In Greece, you can find many precious Greek products to take back home and keep them as unforgettable memories and a part of the Greek aura or give them as a gift to your beloved ones.


Ouzo is an anise-flavoured aperitif in Greece, which has been derived from the anise version of tsipouro. Lesvos produces ouzo in large quantities and in special varieties and has made ouzo the national drink of Greece. Mixed with water and ice cubes, is the perfect beverage together with seafood in a tavern by the sea.


Olive oil

Olive oil is considered to be one of the best-kept secrets of longevity in Greece. This main stuff of the Mediterranean diet is good for the heart, prevents thrombosis, has polyphenols that reduce bad cholesterol, is endowed with antioxidants that help battle cancer and the negative effects of ageing and helps diabetics control their blood sugar levels. It is very delicious and gives a unique taste in every food or salad it is added. Plus, you can find it significantly cheaper in Greece than in your country. At the airport, olive oil is being sold in beautiful packages to offer it also as a gift.

Olive oil


In Greece, you can find many herbs, such as oregano and sage, which are considered as superfoods. The Greek herbs have curative properties, are tasteful and have various uses, as they can be put in food, be drunk as tea, or be used to alleviate symptoms of flu or other diseases.


Ancient statues

You have probably visited and ancient monument in Greece and admire its rich history. In many museums, local shops and at the airport, you can buy a miniature of famous statues, such as Aphrodite of Milos. It is the best decorative for your office or your living room.


Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world since the Greek wine had high prestige in antiquity. There are many wine varieties depending on the grapes and the wine-making area, and in Greece, you can buy high quality wine from local wineries and have an amazing experience by visiting a vineyard and tasting a glass of its homemade wine.

Greek wine

Leather sandals

Greece has a long tradition in leather production. Greek leather sandals are famous all over the world, and they remind of the sandals of the ancient Greeks. Plus, they are unbelievably cheap in spite of their top quality.

Greek leather sandals


Greek honey was prescribed by Hippocrates for all his patients, and the ambrosia, the food of Greek gods, is said to contain royal jelly. Honey is an amazing source of carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamin B complex and minerals necessary for a balanced system. Greece's rich biodiversity, with a great variety of flowers, herbs and trees, has a special effect on the honey produced here, giving it exceptional flavour, aroma and density.

Greek honey

Greek saffron

Crocus or saffron was drunk by the ancient Greeks to fight insomnia and hang over, but today the contribution of crocus in good health is considered more powerful that just a medicine against insomnia. The crocus grown in Kozani, in northern Greece, is among the most expensive spice in the world because it takes more than 150,000 flowers to produce a kilogram of saffron. It is extremely popular for its aroma, flavour and colouring properties, but the most impressive thing with saffron is its properties. It is packed with vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and lycopene, and it is known for its cancer preventive properties as it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing agent.

Greek saffron


The Greek black raisins from Korinthos constitute an excellent source of trace elements, which make them an ideal functional food beyond basic nutrition. There are three different varieties of grapes you can find in Greece. Currants are dried black and seedless grapes, raisins are dried white grapes and sultanas are dried white grapes from seedless cultivars. The most impressive thing, however, is that currants you can find only in Greece and especially in Korinthos.


Mastic, the famous product of Chios, is considered beneficial to human health since the antiquity, in short an all-around medicine. You can buy it as a liqueur or a delicacy, enjoy its unique taste and remember your sweet vacations in Greece.

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