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Top 5 Places to Visit in Messinia

Ancient Messini ● Finikouda ● Foneas Beach ● Kalamata ● Messinia ● Nedas Waterfall ● Taygetos Mountain ● 03 February 2018

Top 5 Places to Visit in Messinia

Messinia is a wonderful destination that is best to travel with your friends, family or even solo. Discover the top 5 places to visit and be ready to be amazed by its natural beauty and history!

1. Neda Waterfall

Νeda is a gorgeous waterfall that offers wonderful nature and surrounding. It is situated in the borderline between the regions of Ilia and Messinia. You can get here by car after 2,5 hours drive from Athens. 
It is best to visit Neda Waterfall in Spring, early summer or autumn as summer can be quite hot. However, summer can be a great season too if you are there early morning. After all, if you feel too hot you can swim in the crystal clear water, an absolutely lovely experience you will remember for a long time after your trip!
Neda Waterfall

2. Ancient Messini

A truly unique place where ancient glory stays untouched. Ancient Messini is situated about 20Km away from Kalamata town and it is where the ancient capital city of Messinia region was built. Walk around ancient theatres, huge stadiums, beautiful olive groves, feel the vibe of an era that stays in the heart of Greece. 
You can visit Ancient Messini all year round and it is 3 hours drive from Athens. 
Don't be in a rush during your visit as there is a lot to see and discover!

Ancient Messini

3. Foneas Beach

A wild yet beautiful beach with blue water and a nice little cafe to have your cold coffee or your snack on the beach. Park your car at the parking area just before you go down to the beach and enjoy its unique location and atmosphere. It is a good choice for families or group of friends. It is also good for snorkelling and swimming or just sunbathing.
The best time of the year to visit is late spring, summer and early autumn. It can get quite busy in August though so be here early if you want to find a natural shadow; you want find sun beds on the beach and you have to bring your own.

4. Finikouda Village

A fishing village right on a beautiful sandy beach Finikouda is a small paradise on earth if you want to enjoy your holiday while doing some water sports. It is a perfect destination for travellers who travel alone, with friends or for families with kids. The sea is safe, with shallow water and perfect wind conditions if you want to do winsurfing or even kite surfing in the summer. During the winter you can discover the hidden beaches where you can even surf!

5. Taygetos Mountain

Wherever you go stop at this gorgeous mountain for hiking or just walk for a while. The nature is just amazing, almost every season offers a unique atmosphere, beauty and surroundings. Taygetos mountain is one of the three highest mountains in Greece and it goes alone Messinia and Laconia regions. 
There are some organised activities you can try like cycling, running, hiking etc.
Discover the wonderful traditional villages along the way!

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