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Top 5 reasons to visit Milos

Aegean sea ● Cyclades islands ● kleftiko ● Milos ● sarakiniko ● 06 May 2021
Located in the popular complex of Cyclades islands, Milos is a magnificent, volcanic island, popular enough but not too popular like its neighbours, Mykonos  and Santorini. It is well known for its unique beauty, the variety of sceneries as well as the number of its beaches: more than 75 to be more specific. Here are the top 5 reasons (among many others) why Milos should be your top choice island for this summer vacation:

Kleftiko - the pirate hideaway

1. Rich variety of beautiful beaches

As already said, more than 75 beaches are waiting for you to explore! Among them you can find options for every kind of taste and mood - whether you are feeling adventurous and want to see the wild beauties of the island or you just want to relax in a family-friendly, organized beach there will always be the right beach waiting for you. Below you can see the most popular beaches of Milos: 

- Sarakiniko: Due to its unique beauty and lunar landscape, Sarakiniko is always on the top of every list when it comes to Milos. In Sarakiniko you can enjoy your swimming in a magnificent scenery of white rock formations and turquoise waters that will take your breathe away. It also has a small, beautiful beach where you can sit and enjoy the sun.
- Tsigrado: Another popular beach due to its beauty, many caves, as well as its difficulty to be reached (you will have to climb down using a rope and a ladder). If you are not in an adventurous mood you will always have the option of just taking a picture of it from the top and move on to the next one. Firiplaka is close to Tsigrado, very beautiful and very easy for you to reach. 
- Gerakas: is also a famous beach of the island due to - once again- very impressive geological formation. It can only be visited by boat. Once you get there you can enjoy your swim in the amazing crystal clear waters while being surrounded by a unique landscape of rocky cliffs. 
- Kleftiko: Not really a beach but definitely the ultimate swimming spot of the island. This is for many the trademark of Milos and if you see the impressive rock formations, the turquoise waters and the caves that are waiting for you to explore you will sure understand why! More than that Kleftiko has an interesting story behind it as it used to be a hideaway for the pirates. It can't be reached by a car but you can visit it during one of the many sailing tours you will find available in the island. 

Note: If you are a fan of windsurfing, Milos is the right place for you too! The most popular spots are Papakino, which is conveniently located close to the port, and Achivadolimni, which is close to the camping of the island.

The lunar landscape of Sarakiniko

2. Traditional picturesque villages

Cyclades Islands are well known for their beautiful small villages and surely Milos is no exception to this. When you get tired of all the swimming and the sun you can start exploring the villages. Here are the most worth seeing:

- Klima: Klima is maybe the most well-known village of the island. Although it is not the port or the capital it is very popular among visitors due to its uniqueness. It is a small fishing village characterized by the "syrmata" which are the colourful fishermen's houses. The houses feature different vivid colours on their doors and shutters and have two floors: the bottom is the garage for the boat and the kitchen and the top is the living area. All together they make a wonderful scenery ideal for photo shoots!
- Plaka: is the capital of Milos and it is the typical Cycladic village with the whitewashed houses and the narrow streets. There you can see some beautiful churches, visit some museums and have a wide range of options regarding cafes and restaurants. While being in Plaka don't forget to visit Kastro, which is the highest spot of the village - the magnificent sea views will compensate you for the walking to get there. It is better to visit during afternoon as Kastro is one of the most popular and romantic spots to enjoy the sunset and take pictures!
- Adamantas (or Adamas): is the port of Milos as well as the biggest village of the island. In Adamantas you will find a variety of shops and dining options as well as tour agencies, banks and car rental services. You can also buy your souvenirs, handmade gifts and local products. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to visit some more museums. 
- Pollonia: is a smaller, quiet, fishing village where you can find the second port of Milos. It is an excellent choice if a visit to the island of Kimolos is in your plans as there is a daily ferry schedule connecting Pollonia with Kimolos. 
- Zefyria : it used to be the capital of Milos before it was destroyed by an earthquake during the 18th century. It is now a small, quiet and peaceful village with very few residents. You can enjoy your walk around the village, visit the beautiful church of Panagia Portiani which is located in the center of the village and dates back to the 17th century, and then head to the nearby beaches of Agia Kyriaki and Palaiochori. The village is also well known for its traditional festival that takes place every 14th of August. 

3. Historical points of interest 

Other than beaches and villages, Milos is a unique and interesting island that has to offer a lot to the history lovers too! Below you can see the most important historical points of interest:

- Venus of Milos Statue: If you have been in the Louvre Museum you would sure have met her - this impressive statue was originally discovered in Milos in 1820 and it was then transported to France. It was made during the Hellenistic period and it is thought to depict Aphrodite, the ancient greek goddess of love and beauty. While being in the island don't forget to visit the place where it first came to light! You should also visit the Archaeological Museum in Plaka where you can see a replica of the original statue. 
- Catacombs: This burial site of Christians during Roman time is of important historical significance and a must see if you get to the island. They consist of three interconnected spaces and they are underground. 
- Ancient Theater of Milos: This is located close to the Catacombs so you can easily combine the two visits! It was built during the Hellenistic period. It is still used sometimes for performances as it is relatively well preserved and it is located on a hill offering magnificent Aegean views. 
- Museums: Despite being a small island, Milos has a remarkable variety of Museums. The Archaeological Museum in Plaka is probably the most important of them. It is housed in a beautiful Neoclassical building of 1870. You can also visit the Mining Museum - where you can become familiar with the mineral wealth, the geology and the mining history of the island - as well as the Folklore Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum. 

4. Cuisine

In Milos you will find a lot of restaurants and traditional taverns to enjoy your meals. Most of them serve Greek cuisine but you may also find some international options. You should not forget to try some local tastes such as "Koufeto". Koufeto is the traditional dessert of the island and used to be offered to guests at weddings. It is made of white pumpkin, honey, sugar and almonds. Another local flavour is "Karpouzopita" which is actually a pie made of water melon. Of the same popularity is "Ladenia" which looks similar to a pizza but is is a pie with tomatoes, olive oil and onions in it. You can also find Ladenia in Kimolos. Finally don't forget to try "Pitarakia" a cheese pie with onion and herbs.

5. Romantic destination

Due to its beautiful landscape Milos is considered to be a romantic destination and is very popular among couples. The beautiful turquoise waters, the numerous caves you can explore, the small picturesque churches, the traditional fishing villages, the beautiful sunsets and the amazing energy of this unique volcanic island set the perfect scenery for the most romantic holidays of your life!

The popular beach of Firiplaka

So how do I get there?

Milos island is accessible by ferry or by aeroplane. If you leave from Athens it is a 3 to 7 hours journey by ferry (depending on the company and type of ferry you choose) and a 40 minutes journey by aeroplane. 

Tsigrado - a beach of wild beauty

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Milos, Greece Vivere a Plakes
9.5 10
Vivere a Plakes
Plakes, Plaka Milou, 84800 Milos, Greece

The Cycladic-style complex Vivere A Plakes is located it the picturesque village Plakes, in Milos, just on the outskirts of the traditional capital Plaka. Adamantas port is at 4 km, while Milos National Airport is at 8 km. The beautiful beaches of Fyropotamos and Plathiena are at 1.1 km and 1.5 km.