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Top 5 things to see around Piraeus Port

Athens ● Piraeus ● 08 October 2017

Piraeus Port, the port of Athens, is not only one of the largest ports in Europe but also a town where you can enjoy vivid nightlife, stroll around, have fun, drink your cocktail, listen to funky music and eat in luxury seaside restaurants. Furthermore, Piraeus Town is something more than just a stop after your cruise and before going to Athens Center. Piraeus is a modern seaside town where you can stay in an affordable Piraeus hotel for a couple of days as it has interesting things to see thanks to its rich culture and long history.

Walls of Themistocles

The Walls of Themistocles, also known as Long Walls, were built in Piraeus in the 5th century B.C. to provide Athens a secure protection from its enemies. They were about 6km long and constituted a key element of the Athenian strategy during the Persian Wars as well as the Peloponnesian War as they prevented Athens from being besieged by land alone. Today, you can see the ruins of the Long Walls in Peiraiki district and admire this ancient infrastructure that is incorporated in the daily life of Piraeus.

Marina Zeas

Marina Zeas under Freattida is a perfect spot to drink your coffee, eat or wander around admiring the luxury yachts. This marina is the most elegant and high-prestige marina in Athens, and you can see there amazing yachts belonging to famous businessmen and ship-owners of Greece as well as of other countries.

Marina Zeas

Municipal Theatre

Piraeus Municipal Theatre is one of the most significant opera buildings in Greece and in Europe, and it complements the cultural and artistic scene of the greater Athens area. It was back in 1895 when one of the most impressive and biggest operas, a rich venue with large capacity regarding to the size of the local population, was built in a close distance to Piraeus Port. It was an architectural and cultural miracle, which rivalled theatres of major cities in the world. Its Baroque stage is one of the few surviving samples of this style in Europe, and its neoclassical architecture creates a beautiful scenery at the central square of Piraeus Town. Over 120 years later, this significant building remains in operation, and being recently renovated, it has become a cultural hotspot for music, theatre and social gathering.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of Piraeus is located inside a ship, the "Hellas Liberty", which played a key role during the Second World War. Nowadays, it is a museum ship, docked in Piraeus Port right next to the old SILO buildings, on Vasiliadis coast. A visit to this ship museum offers the visitor the opportunity to familiarise with the evolution of the Greek and global alike, merchant maritime industry and to travel through history at a time when navigation depended mostly on seafaring skills.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus contains mainly sculptures, discovered in Piraeus and in the wider area of the Attica coast from Bronze Age to Roman times. The displayed objects of the museum are divided in sections, such as the prehistoric collection, pottery collection, bronze statues, classical gravestones, funerary monuments, Hellenistic sculptures and Roman sculptures.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Piraeus, Greece Hotel Delfini
Hotel Delfini
7, Leocharous str., 18531 Piraeus, Greece

Hotel Delfini is located near the port of Piraeus just 3 minutes walk from the old electric railway station (Metro Line 1) and 5 minutes walk from the port, which has direct accessibility to all Aegean islands. The center of Athens can be reached within 15 minutes from the nearest railway/metro station (Piraeus). The Athens International Airport can be reached in 1 hour and 50 minutes with the bus X95 or in 1 hour and 30 minutes with the electric train and metro.