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Top beaches in Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki ● Thessaloniki ● 06 July 2017

Chalkidiki in northern Greece, in a close distance to Thessaloniki, is a very popular summer destination, and attracts visitors from many countries, who want to enjoy its amazing beaches, its beautiful landscape and its gorgeous seaside villages. Chalkidiki consists of three peninsulas, Chalkidiki,Sithonia, Kassandra and Mount Athos. Among several things you can do in Chalkidiki, swimming in its beaches with the white soft sand, the emerald water and the exotic scenery is definitely a top choice when choosing Chalkidiki for your vacations. The characteristics of the beaches in Chalkidiki are that they are organised, with amazingly crystal water, vivid beach bars, soft golden or white sand and with a total picture of beauty, which will impress you and give you many chances to relax and get lost in the wonderful world of holidays.



Sani in Chalkidiki,Sithonia is the most popular tourist resort in Chalkidiki. A long sandy beach, pine forest at the coastline, crystal clear water, top quality facilities and the best sunset in the whole region make Sani the jewel of Chalkidiki and an area you should definitely visit, if you don't stay in one of the famous hotels there.


The village of Kallithea is built at the centre of Kassandra Peninsula, and it is the ultimate nightlife spot in Chalkidiki with numerous bars, beach bars and clubs. The long and wide beach is ideal for partying as well as for families and offers also water sports amenities.


Chanioti Chalkidiki is a cosmopolitan resort in the southern part of Kassandra with long promenades, green parks and an astonishing coastline that distinguishes for its turquoise and at the same time warm waters. In Chanioti Chalkidiki, you will find many tourist facilities, water sports options, taverns and cafés, but there are also some secluded spots to relax and find privacy.


Armenistis, one of the most impressive beaches in Chalkidiki, is located in Chalkidiki,Sithonia. It is considered to be the most youthful beach in the area thanks to the popular among young people camping that is situated behind the beach. Near the beach, there are also many hotels and rooms as well as cafés and traditional taverns. Armenistis offers also water sports amenities.


Kalamitsi is the counterweight to Armenistis, also in Chalkidiki,Sithonia. It has a camping too and beach courts to spend your whole day playing beach volley or beach soccer by the sea. The beach of Kalamitsi is really imposing with its magnitude that reminds of the huge beaches on the ocean and the pine forest that surrounds the landscape.



Kavourotrypes, near Armenistis, is a totally different beach than the usual beaches of Chalkidiki. Rocky, small coves create an extraordinary scenery, which impresses with its beauty, but the most unusual spot in Kavourotrypes is the rock, which has been chiselled into a statue of a mermaid lying by the sea.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Chalkidiki, Greece Hilltop Hotel
Hilltop Hotel
Chanioti, 63085 Chalkidiki, Greece

Hilltop Hotel is situated on a hillside in the lively village of Hanioti. The beach is just a 5-minute drive from the hotel. Thessaloniki International Airport is 96 km away.

Hotel in Chalkidiki, Greece Hotel Papagalos
Hotel Papagalos
Neos Marmaras, 63081 Chalkidiki, Greece

Hotel Papagalos is situated in a central location in the beautiful village of Neos Marmaras. Paradisos beach is a 15-minute walk away. Thessaloniki International Airport is 108 km away.

Hotel in Chalkidiki, Greece Hotel Giorgos
Hotel Giorgos
Amouliani, 63075 Chalkidiki, Greece

The family-run Hotel Giorgos is located in Ammouliani island, just a 5-minute walk from the port. Ammouliani island can be reached with a ferry boat from Tripiti and Ouranoupoli. Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia is 109 km away from Tripiti.