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Top destinations for the most relaxing vacation in Greece

Amorgos ● Astypalaia ● Milos ● Pelion ● 03 July 2017
We bet that every now and then you wish you could find a place where you could live like an outcast. Sometimes we all need time alone, let our thoughts disappear and start making resolutions. Such places do exist, and we have selected some suggestions especially for you. Relaxing getaways that will help you recharge, think over past deeds, just get immersed and forget all your worries. Spend your days lounging on the sands of some of those moss-filled sanctuaries. Picturesque scenery is the key to letting all stresses wash away. Find yourself lounging on a sandy beach, simply laid-back. Those quiet natural wonders await, for anyone wanting to indulge, here in Greece!

Amorgos Island

Although this island is a remote choice, its untouched way of life has an allure on whoever sets foot on it. From the moment, you drop anchor in this magical place, its wilderness starts to captivate your senses. It's ideal for trekking and exploration; surely one of the secret gems of the Aegean. The island is a retreat for many painters looking for inspiration as well as for lone travellers. If you are one of those on the trail of enclaves and Byzantine churches, don't miss the chance to see the Monastery of Hosoviotissa. Built on a cliff as if it was an eagle’s nest, offers an amazing view at a thousand feet above the sea. A must-see attraction. The island has two ports: Aegiali and Katapola both offering accommodation facilities. Upon arrival, the peaceful scenery will relax you. What you will remember most about this heavenly place is the fact that when the night comes, when you look around you will see no lights at a close distance. It is just you and the Aegean, since Amorgos isn't that close to any other civilised destination. During your exploration expeditions, you can get lost in pleasure along mule tracks or take a tour and find the vineyards along the slopes. If you don't feel that adventurous, then you can simply lose yourself into the blue of the Aegean. Chora, the main village, has a selection of bars and taverns where you can try traditional dishes. Cobbled paths, stone arches and Byzantine churches are scattered around the region. Must see beaches : the beach of Aghia Anna, Muros, Aghios Pavlos and the small island of Nikouria. Amorgos is one of the best Greek islands for relaxing, and to find that out on your own the only thing you have to do is to spend a night at the beach while gazing at the stars.

Astypalaia Island

This gem lies at the edge of the Aegean. It belongs to the Dodecanese complex. An island rich in images that will amaze your senses. This butterfly shaped paradise has a long history to tell. You might fall in love with it as it is well-known that many visitors return there every year! Hiding dreamlike beaches and other secret treasures, with its pure and serene nature it is ideal for those who love alternative summer vacations. You will witness one of a kind landscapes, and you'll find that the residents are truly hospitable. Astypalaia holds a special attraction: the famous castle erected by the Quirini family. Built in the 13th century. Tied with dark local stone it was used for the protection against the pirates who had been active for centuries in the Aegean. The island has more beaches than towns; Some of the top beaches of the island are the beaches Kaminakia, Plakes and Vatses. The best place to swim though is Koutsomiti Island, an uninhabited island surrounded by turquoise waters. Surely one of the best attractions on the island. Livadi Beach is family-friendly and equipped with all the facilities. Some of the best taverns on the island offer tasty traditional plates, and some hidden gems have the best fish!


Milos Island

The most easterly of the Cyclades, a true jewel of the Aegean. The island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece with turquoise waters, thin sand, pebble style shores and colourful rocks. There is a beach for every taste, from sand to rock, caves, shallow or deep water etc. The island is full of great fish taverns where you can taste the best seafood. Some say it is mostly for couples, but that doesn't make it the rule. Firiplaka, Tsigrado, Papafragas, Firopotamos, Mandrakia, Kleftiko; known as the pirated hide out, and Sarakiniko which is famous for its “lunar rocks” are some of the places you should not leave behind. Adamantas is the main port. There you can roam the traditional streets of Milos, relax at one of the bars after your long day at the beach or buy something special from the stores. Plenty of cafes and taverns surround the waterfront of Apollonia village of want to try something different every night. 

Mountain Pelion

Although it is not an island, it is one of the best destinations regarding relaxation holidays. This magnificent site is in Thessaly, near Volos City. There is a bit of driving needed to get to the best villages for accommodation, but it is well worth it. Anyone who chooses to visit Pelion, they will likely want to explore many of the beaches in the region, so in that case, let's see it as an adventure and enjoy the driving experience since it is unavoidable. Many of the hotels and apartments are set in some pretty magical spots. Consider choosing one at the top of a mountain where you will be surrounded by trees. It would also be great to choose a room with an astonishing view over the Pagasitikos bay or the Aegean Sea, depending on which of the 24 stunning villages you will choose to stay. Pelion is the perfect destination for your summer vacation because it actually combines mountain and sea at the same time! The water in every beach is crystal clear, giving you an impressive set of choices. Mountain Pelion is an astonishing getaway from the hot temperatures and busy roads nearby the sea. The evergreen hills complete this marvellous landscape; simply perfect. Most places are very well equipped, and are built and decorated in traditional Pelion style. On arrival, you should try virgin products from the district such as milk, bread, honey, fruit cheese etc. You should also try the traditionally made sweets and marmalade tastes. This paradise is literally suitable for all seasons. There are plenty of activities like: hiking, mountain-biking, and swimming. If you are not in the mood for sports, then you could simply relax, and let nature do its trick.