Top Greek Islands for foodies
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Top Greek Islands for foodies

Crete ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● Santorini ● 04 July 2017

The word foodie first appeared in the book "The Official Foodie Handbook" by Paul Levy, Ann Barr, and Mat Sloan, which was a remarkable success. Since its release in 1984 foodies started to pop up, and today they have become the gourmet  "hunter" next door! A foodie is that mysterious neighbour or friend who does not just love food but is very passionate about it. A foodie really cares about food. Always knows what he or she likes, and has a reason for it. 

For those wondering what the word foodie means, let’s just say that a foodie is an amateur lover of taste; a person that loves food and has a thirst for learning everything about different cuisines. A foodie is always searching for new culinary experiences. Food is seen as a hobby and not simply as the means to meet nutritional needs. How can someone recognise such a person online? One look at his Instagram account is enough since it is full of perfectly shot gourmet dishes. 

The Greek cuisine is famous for its rich ingredients, pure tastes, the delicacy, and the benefits of the Mediterranean diet are the key factors to the creation of those enjoyable recipes. If you are looking to combine your vacation with an elite foodie experience, then Greece is the place for you. A quick list follows with interesting traditional dishes and products  for you to try.


You should choose Santorini if you are into wine. This island is distinguished for its superb view of the caldera, the stunning sunset, its picturesque grapevines, and the fine wine Vinsanto. Even though it is a petite island, its cuisine is unlike any other. A cooking delight you should order is the traditionally made fish dish (cod with tomato sauce) called ''bradada''. Get a taste of the ''chloro'' cheese; a milder version of feta, and do order a plate of "domatokeftedes"; it is like meatballs but now “tomato balls” sweet cherry tomatoes. In Santorini, you will find plenty of restaurants that offer a gourmet experience of many stars. Oh, put in your top priorities to try the "Fava" recipe as well, and also the "Saganaki" (fried cheese). Yummy...


Crete is one of the top foodie destinations in the Mediterranean. Locally sourced ingredients, only high-quality, are used for every dish. The menu majors in sustainable fresh seafood, the very best tasting, and caught in the surrounding waters. You can also try dishes with free-range local cattle. The vegetables and herbs used to spice up the cuisine are all grown nearby. The Cretan wine has a long history since it was certainly being made by the Minoans  from as early as the Bronze Age. The above gives you one more reason to visit. The following are a must try "dakos" salad, "paximadi" (rusk), Cretan cheeses like “graviera”, “mizithra”, “anthotiros” and “kefalotyri”. Don't miss traditional cheese pies like “kalitsounia” and “sarikopitakia”. If you dare to, do try the fried snails... 


This is the biggest island of the Cyclades group. Some traditional ethnic dishes you ought to treat yourself with; if you are into meat that is, are the wine stewed chicken “rosto” and the stuffed lamb “patudo”. Apart from the traditional gastronomy, Naxos offers unique dishes of sea foods and plenty of choices on Italian cuisine and winery. Naxos is also famous for its cheese choices, with “arseniko” being one of the most distinct in flavour. Cooked in a small frying pan with the traditional recipe called "saganaki" will be the perfect bite, that will go perfectly with your wine or ouzo. Traditional home-style cooking prepared with local ingredients is the clue. Do try dishes with fish, freshly delivered straight from the island's boats. The potatoes of Naxos are famous, and so are its dairy products which are consumed throughout Greece. 


An island synonymous with luxury. The most popularly known destination in the Cyclades complex. Mostly due to its summer party atmosphere. Mykonos is a fanciful destination with exceptional shopping and dining facilities. The island offers lovely accommodation in deluxe hotels and villas, at prices affordable for every traveller. Its spectacular beaches and remarkable landscapes will leave you fully satisfied. The food experience is unmatched, as many celebrities have chosen Mykonos for their summer retreat. Spend your time there while enjoying the local cuisine. The island's gastronomic trademark is “kopanistí”, its basic ingredients are soft cheese seasoned with pepper. Ask upon arrival to learn more about the delicious local cheeses, sausages, and the famous sun-dried tomato. Try the prodigious fresh salads and the traditional Mykonian cheese pies. A very popular dish during the summer high season is the freshly grilled octopus. There is a special technique that the locals have mastered in order to give that splendid taste when you get your bite…

Where to Stay

Hotel in Heraklion, Greece Hotel Hara Ilios Village
Hotel Hara Ilios Village
Agiou Panteleimonos, Kato Gouves, 70014 Heraklion, Greece

The property is located 16 km away from Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport and only 250 m from the sandy Gouves beach. The largest city and port of the island of Crete, Heraklion, can be reached within a 20-minute drive.

Hotel in Chania, Greece Megim Hotel
8 10
Megim Hotel
Paleochora, 73001 Chania, Greece

Located 70 km southwest of Chania, Megim Hotel offers accommodation in a quiet location just 5 minutes walk from the beach. The busy town of Paleochora is at 4.5 km, while Elafonisi beach is 30 km away. Chania International Airport "Ioannis Daskalogiannis" is 90 km away and Souda Port is 80 km away from the hotel.

Appartment in Heraklion, Greece Matala Dimitris Villa and Hotel
Matala Dimitris Villa and Hotel
Matala, 70200 Heraklion, Greece

Located 12 km from the ancient city of Phaestos, family-run Dimitris Villa Hotel is on the coast of Messara bay, surrounded by trees, just 8 minutes from Matala beach.