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Top off-the-beaten-path Greek islands according to travel bloggers and media worldwide

Astypalaia ● Kastelorizo ● Kimolos ● Nisyros ● Schinoussa ● 27 August 2017


Schinoussa belongs to the island complex of the authentic and wonderful Small Cyclades. It is perfect for those seeking something different, calmness and extreme beauty. Wild landscape, great hospitality, unspoiled scenery and azure waters make Schinoussa a heaven on earth where you can explore something really unique, an undiscovered part of the Greek islands. The structures are undeveloped in Schinoussa, so be prepared to walk, since there are no taxis, no car rentals, and roads are minimal. However, by walking, you may explore the fantastic coastline of the island and feel like an explorer in a yet undiscovered place, where this small discomfort is part of the authenticity you can experience there. It is not a coincidence that Forbes suggests it as one of the 6 "must see" destinations in Greece!


Famous travel bloggers and international media suggest Astypalaia as the hidden gem of Greece, which is the top destination for this year. Trivago gave Astypalaia the silver medal in its competition for the best islands in Europe, while American Express Essentials subsumed Astypalaia in the 41 must see international destinations for this year. The German newspaper Die Welt considers Astypalaia as a hidden gem, which is charming because it is unspoiled by the mass tourism, and travel bloggers all over the world adore it. European Union declared Astypalaia as ambassadress of Greece, and the island was awarded for its cuisine in the famous international gastronomic exhibition of James Beard Foundation in New York. The authentic is what the visitor of Astypalaia searches, and the authentic is everywhere on the island. Flowered balconies, strolls around the ruins of the castle, rakomelo (warmed raki with honey) and smiling people are the essentials of unforgettable vacations. The windmills at the entrance of Chora will impress you with their beauty but also with the fact that the residents of Astypalaia cared about them like being their children. They are not only well-preserved but also house interesting exhibitions and libraries with books in many languages to attract foreign visitors. Can you think about anything more interesting for you seeking alternative experiences?


According to Telegraph, Kastellorizo is one of the least populated but prettiest islands in Greece. Kastellorizo is a tiny island with only one village and without beaches, but this fact should not discourage you because Kastellorizo is a mythical place and has stunning caves, where you can swim. It is the easternmost Greek island, literally closer to Turkey than to Greece. The architecture of the port has Italian and Ottoman influences, offering its visitors a surprising mixture of these civilisations. On this island, it was filmed in 1991 the Oscar-winning movie Mediterraneo.


Guardian suggests Kimolos as one of the best options for alternative and budget holidays in Greece. Kimolos was basically, million years ago, part of Milos, and thus, it has the same impressive landscape as well as volcanic and mineral earth, which gives Kimolos its natural product, the chalk that is also the name of the island (Kimolos comes etymologically from the word kimolia, which means chalk). Imposing rocks, turquoise waters and a colourful scenery together with a white, lovely capital is what Kimolos has to offer to its visitors. An off-the-beaten-path paradise, an authentic oasis that is a hidden gem, predestined to attract people, who search the true beauty of a blessed place.


New York Times made Nisyros popular worldwide thanks to the article about this amazing island with the active volcano. Nisyros is a volcanic island with wide caldera. Its volcano, the youngest volcano in Greece, is currently active but not erupting, so you don't have to worry about that. If you want an undeveloped and peaceful destination, Nisyros is an exquisite alternative. You can stay in Mandraki or Nikia, which are picturesque villages that can offer you the calmness you are looking for.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Aegina, Greece Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel
4, Kazantzaki Str., Aegina Town, 18010 Aegina, Greece

Plaza Hotel is located in the centre of Aegina Town, just 1-minute walk from the beach. Aegina Port is a 4-minute walk away. Agia Marina is 13 km away.

Hotel in Athens, Greece Hotel Cybele
Hotel Cybele
7, Kolokotroni & Dagkli str.,Pefki, 15121 Athens, Greece

Hotel Cybele is located in Pefki, just an 11-minute walk from Maroussi Metro Station. Athens city centre is 19 km away and Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" is 28 km away.

Hotel in Kalambaka, Greece Alexiou Hotel
Alexiou Hotel
144 B', Trikalon str., 42200 Kalambaka, Greece

Alexiou Hotel is located in Kalambaka just opposite the entrance of Meteora in Kalambaka.This hotel is within the region of Archaeological Collection of Trikki and Pertouli Ski Center.##