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Top reasons to visit Tinos

Cyclades ● Tinos ● 01 September 2017

Tinos is something more than just the Monastery of Virgin Mary. Of course, Tinos can also be a religious destination, but the good news is that it has many other things to offer to its visitors. Above all, the taste and the elegant atmosphere of this island create a relaxing scenery, which is typically Cycladic, beautiful and fascinating.


Astonishing villages

Tinos is a big island of Cyclades with wonderful villages, waiting as hidden gems in every corner. They are numerous, elegant, traditional and well-preserved. They are not located far away from each other, but if you want to visit the most important of them, like Ysternia, Pyrgos, Kardiani, Volax and Dyo Choria, you need definitely a few days. White-washed houses, local shops, modern restaurants and narrow pebbled streets will give the Cycladic aura in your holidays.


The Church and Monastery of Virgin Mary

The Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Megalochari in Tinos is the most popular pilgrimage in Greece. The most sensational thing about that is that many pilgrims cover the distance from the port to the church, which is located on the top of a hill above Chora, the main town of Tinos, on their knees. The icon of the church is considered to be miraculous, and many Christians from all over the world leave their offerings on that icon.

The Church of Virgin Mary


Kolimpithra is one of the most impressive beaches in Cyclades. Long and sandy, with huge waves and a wild landscape, this beach can offer you a unique day by the sea. At Kolimpithra, something fun and friendly creates an alternative scenery in this stunning beach with one of the best beach bars in Greece according to Guardian. A VW campervan converted into a bar, driftwood furniture and umbrellas woven by local basket-makers have as a result a cozy atmosphere where you can drink cocktails, eat crepes and salads and enjoy the windiest beach in Tinos.


The sculpture tradition and the pigeon houses

In Pyrgos, the largest and maybe the prettiest village at the north part of the island, you can learn about the long tradition of Tinos in sculpture. Don’t forget to visit the museum of sculpture, which is near to the marble sculpture school that even today has a lot of students of all over Greece, as well as many galleries with marble creations that will impress you. Pigeon houses, designed with the traditional architecture and made from the local marble of Tinos, are everywhere giving an elegant atmosphere in the countryside of the island.

Pigeon House in Tinos

Where to Stay

Hotel in Tinos, Greece Tinos Resort
Tinos Resort
Agiou Charalampou Square, Tinos Town (Chora), 84200 Tinos, Greece

Centrally located in Tinos town (Chora),Tinos Resort offers accommodation in luxury suites just a 5-minute walk from the main port of the island and from the organized beach. ##