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Top things to do in Monemvasia

Monemvasia ● 08 January 2017

Monemvasia looks like it comes from the Medieval Era. The Old Town and the Castle have been built on a huge rock with a magnificent view of the sea, and they make you feel that a knight will come and visit you after midnight. The Old Town inside the Castle is the main sightseeing, but in Monemvasia, you can also find some interesting things to do and see apart from it. The place is ideal for a romantic weekend, and it offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere.

1. The Old Town and the Castle

The Old Town is built in a castle on a rock, and it has a strong medieval character. During the 6th century AD, the Avarans invaded Greece, and the residents of the southern Peloponnese discovered this small piece of land that was perfect for their protection purposes. The charm of these old, untouched constructions is astonishing, and the walk in the pebbled streets will impress you and make you feel that the ghosts of the past follow you. However, Monemvasia has also excellent nightlife, and you can find restaurants and bars looking over the sea, with great view of the sunset.


2. The archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Monemvasia is built in an old mosque inside the Castle, which was built in the 16th century. It displays a rich collection of finding that prove the long history of the place, like ceramic objects, sculptures, remains of temples and items used in the daily life.

3. The churches

Monemvasia offers a strong religious aura and old orthodox churches that will charm you. The churches of Elkomenos Christos and Agia Sofia were built during the Byzantine Period, and therefore, they are important historical sites of the area. The church of Agia Sofia stands on the highest point of the village, and it gives great view of the Aegean Sea.

4. Excursions

Monemvasia is located in an interesting area, which offers the traveller great possibilities for daily excursions. In a close distance to Monemvasia, you can find beautiful beaches with crystal waters to swim. If you want to drive more, you can visit the picturesque towns of Kalamata and Gytheio, and on the way back to Athens, you can explore important monuments of Peloponnese, like Mystras and ancient Korinthos.