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Town of Tinos

Aegean sea ● Andros ● Ayios fokas ● Ayios petros ● Ayios romanos ● Cyclades ● Livada ● Myconos ● Pachia ammos ● 24 July 2016

Tinos a well hidden beauty

Tinos lies between Andros and Mykonos, in the Aegean sea, it is part of Cyclades. It is the island, which is strongly connected with orthodoxy and the faith of Greeks in Virgin Mary, due to the existence of the famous temple dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary, in the central part of the island.

A number of great artists who come from Tinos played a significant role in the island's modern history, they have passed to the island their works of art, some true masterpieces. Tinos is also very charming and amazes its visitors due to its picturesque villages, which still retain vivid traditions, its magnificent folk architecture and of course due to its natural beauties. Complex dovecotes, stone alleys, old monasteries and churches, riverbanks with rich plantation, beautiful beaches, rare geological formations are all pieces of a surprisingly pleasant colorful mosaic where tradition and culture are in harmony combined with nature and simplicity. It is still a well hidden secret, since tourism exists there but not in the form of a heave industry.

The highest pick of Tinos is on mount. Tsiknias, 726 m.

As we mentioned before, Tinos has many beautiful traditional villages. There lies its true charm. Most of them are mountaineer, coming from another time, with amazing green sceneries which is an exception in the infertile picture we have about Cyclades. Traditional stone buildings, narrow pathways, interesting sights, all with their unique beauty, are the secret behind the enthusiastic travelers who recommend to everyone to visit Tinos, after the unforgettable experience they have had in this island.

As for the island's beaches, after the villages, they are its second best part. 39, most of them sandy, some of them organized other more quiet. Locals would advice you to choose which beach to visit depending on the direction the wind blow, for example if it coming from the south you should pick a north beach, if they are coming from the north, the opposite. Wind is really serious in Tinos, this is why in ancient Greece its mountains were considered Aeolus (god of winds) home.

Some of the best beaches are, Ayios Petros, Livada, Pachia Ammos, which is the most exotic in the island but usually very windy, Ayios Fokas and Ayios Romanos.

To visit Tinos you can take the ship from Piraeus , the ordinary takes about 4 hours and the high speed 2 hours.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Tinos, Greece Tinos Resort
Tinos Resort
Agiou Charalampou Square, Tinos Town (Chora), 84200 Tinos, Greece

Centrally located in Tinos town (Chora),Tinos Resort offers accommodation in luxury suites just a 5-minute walk from the main port of the island and from the organized beach. ##