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Travel tips for students in Athens

Athens ● 01 December 2017

Athens is a great destination for students, backpackers and young people, who want to discover new things, have fun and live extraordinary experiences. Cheap accommodation and food, vivid nightlife, interesting historical and cultural spots make Athens the place to be for those seeking amazing vacation on a budget. With these travel tips for students in Athens, you can make the most out of your vacation in the Greek capital and save money for your next journey.

Student in Athens

Discount Deals-ISIC

ISIC- International Student Identity Card or IYTC-International Youth Travel Card
What’s the benefit of ISIC or IYTC? Well, these cards offer substantial savings on rail passes, plane tickets, and entrances fees to museums.
How do you qualify for an ISIC?
•    Full-time student, under 26 years old
•    Copy of your student card
•    A letter of authenticity from your school stating that you are a full time enrolled in their program
•    Passport
How do you qualify for an IYTC?
•    Be under 30 years old
•    Birth Certificate
•    Passport

 Most importantly, to benefit from these cards you must apply in advance. If your country of origin doesn’t have an office or if you can’t get your card shipped to your home, you can pick up your ISIC, or IYTC in Athens.

Stay in hostel

The ultimate accommodation type for students and backpackers in Athens are hostels. Hostels in Athens are safe, clean and full of young people. A hostel in Athens Center is an excellent choice in order to be within walking distance from all the top spots of the city. Before booking your stay, check the accommodation deals in Athens because, especially in the off-season, you can find unbeatable deals.

Social Environment: Hostels can be the perfect place for meeting and staying with people who share similar interests. These people can also be a valuable source for exchanging information, advice, ideas, and make lifelong friends.
Kitchen Facilities: I know cooking doesn’t sound exciting, you want to explore the culture around you. However, it is nice to have the facilities to cook up local ingredients from a street market if you wish to, or at least make coffee or toast in the morning to help cut costs. 
Laundry Facilities: Maybe you aren’t planning on washing your clothes, or maybe you stay long enough to do laundry. Whatever your situation is, it is always a benefit to know you could clean your favourite shirt that is now covered in beer or yogurt if you wanted to.
Good Value: If you plan on sharing a room, or stay in private quarters. A hostel will most definitely be cheaper than a guesthouse, or hotel. Not to mention, all the communal areas that the shelter provides, that isn’t included in the price.
Variety: It is important to note, that you can find hostels ranging from fabulous, mediocre, to grim. So take your time finding the right lodging for the right amount of time you intend to spend there. It is possible to find hostels with the bare minimum, or with extensive communal areas for lounging, socializing, eating, even swimming, or outdoor space. Keep in mind that if you plan on hostel hoping throughout your travels, sometimes you can find deals when you use the same or sister hostel chain or company. 

Travel off-season

Off-season is for Athens the period from November to March. The weather even in winter is good and sunny the most days, and you can find really good deals in accommodation you won't believe.


If you stay in a hostel in Athens Center, you can go to the most important sites and nightlife spots on foot. On weekends, the subway is open till 2 a.m., and the ticket is cheap (0,60€ for students). Taxis are also cheap if you don't want to walk or take public transportation.

Buy the pass for the archaeological sites

If you buy separated tickets to all the museums and historical sites you are willing to see in Athens, you have to pay a lot of money. However, you have an alternative option. Buy from Acropolis the inclusive ticket for the most archaeological sites in Athens Center and do your cultural exploration in Athens on a budget.

Open-air nightlife

If you can't afford to have all of your drinks in a bar, you can spend your night outside. At Monastiraki Square, Pnyx, Lycabetttus hill, around Technopolis in Gazi, in Dionysiou Areopagitou Pedestrian and at Syntagma Square, numerous young people hang out drinking beer. The weather is almost always good, and you can thus meet local people, who are friendly and hospitable.


Bar-crawl in Athens is one of the best things you can do in the city. Bars are located in a very short distance to each other in districts, like Kolonaki, Gazi, Psirri, Metaxourgeio Athens, Thiseio and Plaka. Plus, drinks are cheap, and you can easily spend the night exploring the literally innumerable bars in every corner of Athens.

Street food

Street food is your best option to eat well and affordably in Athens. Souvlaki is the most obvious choice since it costs less than 2€ and is delicious and nutritious, but you have many other alternatives in the area of Syntagma Square, Monastiraki Athens and Mitropoleos Street, such as Chinese, Arabian and Mexican street food or burgers.

Find free museums

Athens has so many museums that many of them have no entrance-fee or offer free admission days. You can find a list of these free admission days and free-museums here.


See the world, make a difference, impress your future employer.
Volunteering in Athens will allow you to immerse yourself in contemporary Greek life, while volunteering for humanitarian relief programs, and help make an everlasting impact on Greece today.
How do you find more information?
There are lots of university, and college programs around the world, and here in North America that will provide you with information on volunteer programs.
There are also lots of programs you can find online specifically for youth-related volunteer services and programs in Athens.
What skills are these volunteer programs looking for in volunteers?
Usually, youth volunteer programs are looking for volunteers who are knowledgeable in sports, youth recreation, music, arts, the social science, and IT skills.
Don’t speak Greek? That is not a problem. They still want you to come and volunteer.
What’s involved?
Volunteers commit to volunteering 4 or 6 hours a day during the week. While the rest of your day and weekends are free to explore, make friends and experience the city, the seaside, or archaeological sites.

Go to School Abroad: Travel while receiving academic credit.
This option is excellent for hitting two birds with one stone. See the world, explore Athens, while responsibly continuing your education in style. Check out your university or college programs, and you might be surprised to find a class you can take for credit, or an opportunity to complete an entire semester abroad in Athens, Greece.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Athens, Greece Alma Hotel
6.8 10
Alma Hotel
5, Dorou str., 10432 Athens, Greece

Alma Hotel is located in the centre of Athens, just a 2-minute walk from Omonia Metro Station, offering easy access to Athens Railway Station and Piraeus Port. Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos is 36 km away.

Hotel in Athens, Greece Aegli Hotel
Aegli Hotel
1, Karaiskaki & Iera Odos ave., Chaidari, 12461 Athens, Greece

Aegli hotel is situated in Haidari area, close to the city center. The nearby Agia Marina metro station favors direct access to Athens Airport, Piraeus Port and many vibrant areas of the city.

Hotel in Athens, Greece Galini Palace
7.9 10
Galini Palace
95, K.Karamanlis Str., Voula, 16673 Athens, Greece

Located in Voula, on the Athenian Riviera, Galani Palace is just a 6-minute walk from the beach. It is 21 km away from Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" and 20 km away from Piraeus Port. Athens city centre is 16 km away.