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Urban Greece

Alexandroupoli ● Ioannina ● Kavala ● Mesolongi ● Patra ● Volos ● 13 July 2016

Urban Greece

Greece except Athens and Thessaloniki has beautiful smaller cities where nature and tradition is combined in harmony with history and the urban element. We chose to briefly present you, one city from each geographical district of the country.


Volos (Thessaly)

It is for sure, the most beautiful and popular capital in Thessaly, with rich history which leads you back to ancient Iolcos, the Argonauts town. Volos is so charming due to its magnificent coast, the good town planning, the nearby Pelion and of course the famous tsipouradika, traditional taverns which serve tsipouro (traditional spirit) with mezedes. A "ritual" which has its roots to the refugees from Asia Minor who came in Volos in 1922.


Patra (Peloponnese)

A vivid city for youngsters, a fuzzy port and the queen of the Greek Carnival. This is Patra, a city with good designed town planning, big roads, pedestrian streets and squares, ideal for long walks. On its "back", high on the hill, lies a pine tree forest, the best "balcony" of the city. From there you can watch the sunset and the ship's lights mirrored in the sea. Patra has socializing and relaxing in its daily agenda, this is why someone will find there many restaurants, cafes, night clubs etc. In the never sleeping harbor you will find some of the best hotels in the city.


Mesologgi (Central Greece)

It is built on a peninsula between the homonymous lagoon and the one of Klisova, at the estuary of Evinos and Acheloos rivers. Mesologgi except its famous bottarga, the salted fish and the eels, can offer to the visitors unique, picturesque natural beauties. Just enjoy a bike ride from Mesolongi towards Tourlida, during the sunset, surrounded by the waters of the lagoon, the fishermen wooden homes on the sea and the colors of the sky.


Kavala (Macedonia)

Built by the sea, it is the most important industrial and touristic center in Macedonia, after Thessaloniki and one of the largest fishing centers of the country. It combines endless jade beaches in close distance with scrolls in the old city alleys, the castle, the harbor, the old tobacco warehouse, shopping in the pedestrian roads, small taverns, cafes and bars on the coastal area. Its architecture is a mixture of Ottoman and Neoclassical elements.


Ioannina (Epirus)

This vivid castle with its traditional buildings, the unique cafes and the important museums, resembles to a set from another age. Outside the city walls lies lake Pamvotida, where you can see the small island of "Lady Frosini". The historic center lies around the castle and it is the contemporary heart of the city, with its cafes and bars which bloom in old listed building and arcades. From hill Frontzos you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Alexandroupoli (Thrace)

Located near the northeastern border line, Alexandroupoli is the first city you will meat when you enter Greece from Bulgaria or from Turkey. It might not be so picturesque but it has a landmark, one of the most imposing lighthouses in the country and also one of the nicest coastal roads in northern Greece. It is an ideal base for oneday cruises in Samothrace or in Evros Delta.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Volos, Greece Hotel Stella
Hotel Stella
Vasileos Georgiou 12, Alikes, 38500 Volos, Greece

Hotel Stella is located in the area of Alikes (Nees Pagases), just a 2-minute walk from the beach. The center of Volos is a 10-minute drive away. The town of Larissa is 64 km away.