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Vergina, the ancient jewel of Macedonia

Macedonia ● 10 October 2018

We discovered for you an amazingly beautiful and important archaeological site in northern Greece, the place where the glory of ancient Macedonia (Greece) began. Vergina is a site you should definitely visit if you are in the area of Macedonia. And then, you can spend great vacation in Chalkidiki or the island of Thasos. 

Vergina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a hidden ancient gem of incalculable value just one hour from Thessaloniki. Bright royal exhibits create feelings of awe and admiration. The site of ancient Aigai, as its primary name is, means the land of many goats. It is located in the foothills of Pierian Mountains. Initially, the place was an urban area, but the King of Macedon, Phillip II, made Aigai a great centre of civilisation, which impresses until today the lovers of history. If you are one of them, don’t miss it! 


Excavations prove that Aigai was the most important site of the north. The famous painter Zeuxis painted the palace of Phillip, while Euripides was inspired there his last tragedies. After the assassination of the king, his son, Alexander the Great, was proclaimed king and buried his father in the royal city in a lavish funeral ceremony.  

In 1861, the first excavations unearthed a Macedonian tomb, and some of the finds were taken to the Louvre Museum. However, the largest part of the site remained in obscurity until 1977, when the acclaimed archaeologist and professor Manolis Andronikos brought the royal tombs to light. The artifacts discovered in the royal tombs are of great cultural value in a monument of international historical significance. 

The site of Vergina includes an archaeological park in over 500 hectares, an ancient necropolis that includes more than 500 burial tombs as well as 20 royal tombs. You will see the tomb of King Phillip, an ancient theatre, the sanctuaries of Eukleia and Cybele as well as certain archaeological structures. The museum of the site has also priceless exhibits, such as the golden larnax of Phillip. 

You can explore the whole are by staying at the old Byzantine town of Veria or Naousa with its exquisite landscape if you prefer winter vacation in beautiful towns.

Where to Stay

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