S What is so special with Island Hopping in Greece?
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What is so special with Island Hopping in Greece?

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● 07 February 2018

Island Hopping in Greece is the new trend in Europe. Everybody speaks about it, everybody wants to live this experience. Are you wondering what makes Greek Island Hopping so special? Which are its unique characteristics you can find nowhere else? After reading this article, you can understand why so many travellers choose it as a once in a lifetime experience. Why people from all over the world decide to spend their vacation on the Greek islands, exploring as many as they can. And after experiencing it by yourself, then you can narrate your gorgeous summer to other people that have the same question.

Island Hopping in Greece combines two assets that can difficultly be found anywhere else in the world: numerous islands in a very short distance to each other. And when we say numerous, we literally mean numerous. Greek islands are more than 5,000, and more than 200 of them are inhabited. Moreover, these islands are located in island-clusters in a very short distance to each other. For example, in Cyclades, from Mykonos to Paros you need less than one hour, the same from Naxos to Ios. In Dodecanese, the distance between Rhodes in Kos is about 1,5 hour by ferry, while in Saronic islands, from Hydra to Spetses, the route by boat lasts one hour. And the examples are endless. That means that you visit as many islands as you want. Distance and time are not matters that should worry you. Just take the boat, and tame the Aegean Sea.

But Greek islands are not only numerous. They are also wonderful and offer you amazing variety. Are you searching for a romantic island? Santorini and Folegandros are the best choices. Maybe an island with gorgeous beaches? Choose Milos or Serifos. Islands with great nightlife? Mykonos and Paros are your thing! Or family-friendly islands with delicious cuisine? Tinos, Naxos and Crete are waiting for you. Are you a history lover? Visit Kos or Rhodes. Do you want to relax in an off-the-beaten-path island? Anafi, Kythnos, Chalki and Sikinos can offer you total privacy. Are you seeking the island with the most picturesque harbour? Symi, Chalki and Syros are exactly for you.

The short distance between the islands as well as their number that makes competition really hard has another advantage: the low prices. Quality hotels and hostels at very affordable prices, cheap ferry tickets and restaurants on a budget, especially on the untouched by mass tourism islands, are exactly what you want to save money and explore more destinations. Furthermore, many ferry companies offer island passes that give you the opportunity to visit more islands anytime you want with great flexibility and at the unbeatable price of only one ticket (learn more). Still waiting?

Where to Stay

Hotel in Syros, Greece Maistrali
8.6 10
Galissas, 84100 Syros, Greece

Maistrali is located in the village of Galissas, only one minute walk from the beach. Ermoupoli and Syros Port are a 20-minute drive away. Syros National Airport is 9.6 km away.

Hotel in Aegina, Greece Liberty II
Liberty II
Agia Marina, 18010 Aegina, Greece

Hotel Liberty II is located in the popular sea-side resort of Aegina, Agia Marina, just 3 minutes walk from the longest beach of the island. The main port of the island and the town is at 13.2 km. Aegina island can be easily reached with a ferry boat from Piraeus (Athens), or Agistri and Methana islands.

Pansion in Piana Arkadias, Greece Papanikola
Piana, 22100 Piana Arkadias, Greece

Papanikola Guesthouse is located on the slopes of the Mainalon mountain.