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What to beware of when booking package holiday

Greece ● 08 April 2018

Package holiday in Greece is a common way of travelling. Many travel agencies promise amazing packages, and thousands of travellers come in this southern Mediterranean country for some days. However, Greece is a safe country with many touristic facilities everywhere you go. Thus, vacation packages are not always necessary as independent travelling is also a reasonable chance. But if you are planning booking now a package for vacation in Greece, check these things in order to spend super and budget holidays.

Package holiday

Don't buy things you don't need

A holiday package is what its name says: a package. That means you pay for several things in the overall deal. This is the greatest disadvantage of package holidays. You pay for things you don't need, for example guided tours or transportation. For many travellers, these services are desirable, but if you are the type of traveller, who wants to explore the places on his/ her own, then you should take into consideration booking a package with minimum services, such as accommodation and tickets and not spending money on what you can also make by your self.

Search for flexibility

Unless you are familiar with package holidays and you like staying in an all-inclusive hotel and going with a guide from one place to another, you have to find the package that gives you freedom and flexibility. It is really tiring to have strict schedules exactly the time of the year you want to relax and leave all of your worries behind. Some packages give you the opportunity to choose the hotel, the transportation and the tours you want to make without arranging everything for you without you.

Check the prices online

There are many packages that are actually more expensive than booking the accommodation and the tickets independently due to the booking fees and the travel agency's commission. It is crucial that you check for these deals also online. If they are cheaper than the package, why not booking them online in order to have the flexibility of bespoke holidays?

Ask yourself what do you really want

Some holiday packages are truly good for what they offer as you can find cool deals for luxury hotels and all-inclusive accommodation. But maybe this is a trap. You should ask yourself if that is what you want. If your goal is budget vacation, don't be decoyed by a package that is perfect for luxury vacation but too expensive for you. By searching online, you can find exactly what you want for the type of vacation you want.

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Katerini, Greece Hotel Vizantio
Hotel Vizantio
10, Thrakis Str., Paralia, 60100 Katerini, Greece

Hotel Vizantio in located in Paralia, Katerini, just a 6-minute walk from the beach. The center of Katerini is a 15-minute drive away. The International Airport of Thessaloniki is 104 km away.

Hotel in Kastoria, Greece Keletron Hotel
Keletron Hotel
52, 11th November Str., 52100 Kastoria, Greece

Keletron Hotel is built in a central location in the town of Kastoria, close to many important sights. Vitsi Ski Center is 24 km away. The International Airport of Thessaloniki is 220 km away.

Hotel in Thassos, Greece Mythos Bungalows
Mythos Bungalows
Potos, 64002 Thassos, Greece

Mythos Bungalows are located just 80 m from Potos Beach and 1 km from the center of Potos Village in Thassos. Limenas, the main port of Thassos, is 43 km away, while Prinos Port connecting Kavala and Thassos island is 28 km away. The nearest airport is Kavala International Airport, 30 km away from Kavala Town.