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What to Do and See in Santorini

Cyclades islands ● Fira Santorini ● Greece ● Oia Santorini ● Pirgos Santorini ● Santorini ● 28 January 2018

What to Do and See in Santorini

Santorini is a unique destination not only in Cyclades islands and Greece but also in the whole world! This gorgeous Greek Island has so much to offer to the travellers from around the world! Get ready to be spoiled by choice and explore the famous and the hidden sides of Santorini!

 The Gorgeous View to the Caldera from Fira

The view is fantastic from almost everywhere on the island of Santorini. However, Fira which is the Chora of the island is the most popular spot to enjoy the stunning view to the Aegean Sea. Fira is the centre of Santorini, where you can find most of the bars, shops, cafes, restaurants but also banks, bus stations, travel agencies etc.
Fira is best to visit all day and night but maybe the best time to visit Fira is early in the evening during the sunset. 
Enjoy your drink while you watch the sun goes down behind the volcano of Santorini and realise that you are on a paradise on earth!

Top Tip: If you want to visit Fira around the time of the sunset in July and August, make sure you go early in order to find a place for your car - if you plan to go there by car. It can be very busy in August!

 Oia, the Picture Perfect Sunset

Oia is a traditional village in Santorini that offers the most spectacular view to the sunset.It is the most famous spot of the island to see the sunset that is why thousands of people visit Oia every afternoon with their camera ready to capture the magic moments! Although it can be quite touristic, you just can't skip it because it is so beautiful not only during the sunset but also during the day or in the afternoon or late evening. Walk along the alleys, admire the local architecture, the galleries, the sophisticated restaurants and some of the top hotels in the world that are located here!

Pyrgos Village

Pyrgos is quite close to Fira and it is a traditional village that is located on the higher point of Santorini. Here you will find some beautiful boutique hotels and many eclectic restaurants with traditional Greek cuisine with local specialties.
Pyrgos is amazing during the Greek Easter where thousands of little candles light up during the night making the place look just fabulous! This is a tradition that goes back to the past of the island and it is a big event for the locals and visitors alike.

 Akrotiri Ancient Settlement 

This fantastic ancient settlement is a witness of the glorious past of Santorini. Visit Akrotiri and admire the amazing preserved remains of fine frescoes and fine art and learn how our ancestors used to live during the Minoan Bronze Era.
The whole ancient settlement was buried under the volcanic mud and nowadays visitors can see with almost every detail the architecture of the buildings and the whole culture of the inhabitants of that era. A great place to admire and learn more about the glorious past of Greece and Santorini.

Try the local Santorini Wine

Santorini has some unique blend of wine and it is famous all over the world for its white wine. You will find many traditional wineries on the island that you can visit and taste this local treasure. Santorini wine is unique due to the volcanic ground and the special kind of grapes that exist only here!
The Italians were the first to organise the wine yards and today the Greek wineries are creating some masterpieces that travel to the best wine cellars around the world. 
Wine of Santorini

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