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What to do with your pets when you travel

Athens ● Crete ● Thessaloniki ● 12 July 2017

Pets and Summer! What do you need to know?

We all love the summer, with strolls on the beach, cool dives, and sunny walks. But what about our beloved four-legged friends? Below you will find very useful tips on how your pets can enjoy summer and share the fun safely!

Water and Shadow
If your pet is staying outside the house (balcony, terrace, garden etc.), then make sure that the place has shade and as much water as possible. There should always be clean and fresh water in case they get thirsty during the day. Keep them protected from the sun. When the heat waves make their appearance, do not neglect to cool your pets! Avoid putting cold water on them because there is a risk of freezing. Instead, you could use cool compresses to cover them up.

Many believe that having their pet in the car with an open window makes them feel comfortable. Error! The car is one of the most dangerous places for a pet in the summer! Have in mind that they want constant attention and supervision because it can cause heat stroke.

Safe walks
Avoid strolls in very hot hours. You should prefer morning and evening hours for such activities. Their paws are very sensitive and walking at that time will make them feel unhappy rather than delighted. On hot days, it is better to keep your pets at home than on the beach.

And yet our four-legged friends want their sunscreen! Consult your veterinarian to learn the basics on how to protect their hair and skin.

Swimming in the sea
Yes! Of course, it is sufficient, for example, to always have your dog under your supervision and tethered by its strap.

Swimming in the pool
A pool with sparse chlorine levels is not going to harm your pet. However, it is not proper to let your dog swim for more than an hour as it can cause sensitivity to their skin, eyes, or ears. You should have them under your supervision all the time! Discourage them if they want to drink this water, as it may cause GI irritation or a potential water intoxication. If you notice symptoms such as heavy breathing, instability, decreased appetite, and atony then it is a clever idea to seek the help of your veterinarian.

Follow the steps above and enjoy your summer by having your best friend by your side! There is an alternate scenario though. What if you cannot take your pet with you and instead of enjoying yourself you feel a huge burden because of it? Things are simpler than you imagine. Most of us have kittens or puppies at home. For this reason, we contacted some veterinarians who gave us valuable advice on where and how to leave our pets without fear. 

Follow our suggestions and enjoy your holiday without worrying about your pet.

Traveling cat

If you have a cat:
The cat is one of those animals that can stay alone at home as it is able to self-serve and they not need to be taken out for a walk. If you decide to leave your cat at home, you should have someone change the sand and refresh water and food once a day. You can ask a friend or relative to act as a host. Animal hotels and some vets can accommodate your cat with great ease, especially if it belongs to the category of small and not so demanding animals. If your cat is a “difficult” case, it is very likely that if you leave it alone, when you return you will find your furniture torn and generally your personal space pretty messed up.

If you have a dog:
By leaving your dog alone at home, it is most likely to start barking, which will cause problems both to the neighbours and the animal itself. The best solution is to never leave your dog alone. When your pet is trained to ride on the terrace, then you can leave it there, but you must ask someone to join him soon because its psychology falls easily. Dogs need company. Remember that. You can ask a friend or relative to keep your dog, someone who your beloved animal knows and loves. If your dog is small you can leave it to a veterinarian, but if it is big you must consider taking him/her to an animal hotel that has the infrastructure for hosting.

Travelling dog

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