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What to Eat on the Greek Islands

Amorgos ● Ios ● Milos ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● 21 January 2018

What to Eat on the Greek Islands

If you are planning a trip to Greece, make sure you try some of the local food specialties of the Greek Islands that will make your travel experience truly unforgettable! Mykonos, Ios, Amorgos, Crete, Naxos the Greek Islands of Cyclades complex offer you some of the best delis you just can't miss!

Milos and Ios for Karpouzopita

This is a unique homemade sweet that you find exclusively on the island of Ios and Milos in Cyclades. The origins of the sweet is more likely from the island of Milos, however it soon became the sweet of Ios island too because of the short distance between the two islands. You might also find it as "Masenta" especially on the island of Ios.
It is made of water mellon and it tastes delicious! It is sweet but not heavy so you don't need to worry that it will mess up your diet! You will find it everywhere in Ios and Milos islands and it is a must when we talk about food in Greece.

Mykonos for Sausages, Cheese and Almond Sweets 

Fresh meat and local sausages are a specialty in Mykonos together with the fresh fish and the local vegetables. You will find various wonderful taverns in Mykonos with very good food, but if you choose the following dishes you wii add to your food and travel experiences: kopanisti is the local cheese of Mykonos and you will find it in salads and as a special plate served on its own. Its taste is light and refreshing and it goes with absolutely everything as a main dish. It has the look of a feta but it taste different. 
Try, also, the local sausages of Mykonos that are made with oregano and spices and are let to dry in the fresh air. For dessert don't miss the sweets with almond, a typical sweet of Cyclades that you can find in Mykonos in great variety.
So if you were thinking of what to eat in Mykonos, the above list is a must for every traveller!

Fresh yogurt and various meat dishes in Naxos

Naxos is a food paradise! With an amazing production of fresh vegetables, meat, local cheese, sweets, dairy products and potatoes, Naxos has everything and all taste just amazing! The potatoes of Naxos are so delicious that you would definitely want to have them on a daily basis, even if you are not a big fan of potatoes! Don't miss the local fresh yogurt and the hum called "zaboni" which is very similar to the Italian prosciutto. Also, don't miss the local liqueur Kitro that is a must if you want to try a different cocktail. Last but not least is the Graviera cheese of Naxos that is just one of the most delicious Greek cheeses you can try when traveling to Greece. When you go out to the local taverns in Naxos try to find the authentic specialties of the island which are "Salatouri", "Patoudi", "Rosto", "Kalogeros". 
Despite the difficult accent, they taste wonderful and is an absolute foody experience for anyone!
Greek yoghourt

Amorgos for Fava, Pasteli and Patatato

Amorgos, the island of the "Deep Blue", -the famous movie filmed in 1988 by Luce Besson, French director-, is known not only for its wild, natural beauty, but also for its great, authentic and amazing cuisine. If you are here in the beginning of August don't miss the big fiesta of Pasteli that takes place on 6th August every year. Pasteli is a local sweet made of sesame, that is also served in the weddings on the island. Patatato is the name of a unique recipe with meat and local herbs that is a must plate for everyone who is visiting Amorgos, unless of course you are vegan or vegetarian. In than case, you will love the local Fava of Amorgos full of vitamins and antioxidants! Of course, whatever you might taste, never forget that you have to try the great local liqueur called Rakomelo, which is Raki with local honey. 
If you follow our advice and taste all of the above, you will definitely have a top food and travel adventure!


Visit the Greek Islands and have a unique food experience! 
Book your ferry ticket pass and visit all the above Greek Island on the best price! 

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