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What to Order at a Greek Tavern

Athens ● Crete ● Greece ● Greek Islands ● 08 March 2018

What to Order at a Greek Tavern

How do you feel when you read a Greek menu at a Greek Tavern? Is it all Greek to you? Well, the time is now to understand what are the best traditional dishes you can order at a Greek Tavern so you can be sure that you taste the best during your stay!So, are you ready to order?


Stuffed vine grapes leaves that are put around rolls of boiled rice. The rice is cooked usually with local herbs and it tastes delicious. The local Greek Herbs are not spicy and they give an extra flavour and taste to every single plate and recipe.
Dolmades are served as a starter and they go well with lemon and olive oil. The leaves have Greek extra virgin olive oil on them which makes it more tasty. You can combine dolmades with fresh Greek yogurt if you want to avoid lemon or if you are not a big fan of the lemon. In general, have in mind that the fresh Greek yogurt is often on the table to accompany many of the Greek plates of the local cuisine, so don't be surprised! You will find Dolmades in every single Greek island or place in Greece and at every tavern.



For the Greeks this is such a common plate! But for tourists this is an amazing plate! Despite the simplicity of its preparation, the great quality of the simple ingredients makes the whole difference. Don't expect to have a great tzatziki at the kitchen of your house back home! Simply because Tzatziki needs a great quality of Greek yogurt to offer its fresh, cool and refreshing taste. You will find Tzatziki everywhere in Greece at every tavern around the country and if you haven't tasted it yet, be ready to get surprised. You will recognise the good quality of  yogurt when there is not extra olive oil in it and the yogurt is thick! Bon Appetite!


Ok, we do understand that it seems and sounds quite complicating! But remember you will not have to pronounce it perfectly, you will just eat it. Kolokythokeftedes is an excellent choice for vegetarians as they are balls without meat. Instead they are made of zucchini and they are fried. They are served as a starter and depending on the place in Greece you are visiting, you can taste some variations of it. So before you order it ask how they are made. For example, you will find some amazing Kolokythokeftedes in Naxos, Crete, Corfu and anywhere that the food is homemade and not very touristic. Avoid ordering them at too touristic taverns as they are usually cooked in too much olive oil.

Courgette balls

Dakos Salad

You many have heard all the best for the Greek Salad but here is a type of Greek salad that is totally unique. Dakos salad is originally from Crete but you will find it almost anywhere in Greece. If you love Greek feta cheese or the Greek cheeses this salad is an ideal choice for you. It has paximadi and lots of white cheese that is usually feta but it depends on the place you are as for example in Mykonos it is served with the local cheese "kopanisti" which is extremely tasteful. 
It usually has kapari, tomatoes and some local herbs.
Although it is a salad and you can have it as a starter, you may consider it as a main plate and it is a great choice for the summer as a lunch or light dinner! Enjoy!


Combine the amazing Greek dishes with the fantastic Greek Wine! Find more about the Greek Wine here!

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