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Why you should visit Santorini

Cyclades ● Santorini ● 30 July 2017

Santorini, the volcanic island of Greece and one of the most popular destinations worldwide, has many captivating sides, which can impress every visitor. White-washed houses, chapels at the edge of the cliff, the view of caldera and the beaches with the extraordinary beauty are only some of the reasons you should definitely visit Santorini.

The sunset

 In Santorini, you will watch the best sunset of your life. Catch the sun sinking into the sea and feel the magic of the gold Greek sunlight mirroring at the calm waters and brightening the volcanic cliffs, and you will forget everything. The picturesque villages with the view of the whole caldera, such as Oia, Firostefani Santorini and Fira Santorini, become pink and orange creating a totally romantic scenery, which is a trademark of the island.

Sunset in Imerovigli

The Caldera villages and their stunning view

Santorini owes its popularity and fame mainly to its amazingly beautiful villages, which are located on the slopes of caldera, which is the remainder of the volcano. These villages offer their visitors feelings that cannot be described by words since the landscape is something that nobody has ever seen before. Fira Santorini, Oia and Imerovigli (Santorini) are the best choices. Fira Santorini is crowded and the centre of Santorini's nightlife, while Imerovigli (Santorini) is a quiet village to spend relaxing moments at the highest point of caldera. Oia is the ideal place to feel the mystery of caldera, listen to classic music in one of the wonderful cafés and bars, eat in luxury restaurants and of course enjoy the sunset with your other half.

Beaches with alternative beauty

The beaches in Santorini are much different than the long, sandy Greek beaches, with their golden sand and the turquoise waters. The geographical features of the volcanic island, the wild landscape and the caldera created a special landscape with red and black colours that impress everyone. Red Beach (Santorini), Perissa Beach (Santorini), White Beach (Santorini), Vlychada and Kamari Beach (Santorini) are beaches with wild natural beauty, which creates an outstanding scenery around the lunar coves.

Red Beach in Santorini

The elegant nightlife

Santorini is a vivid place with many clubs and bars that are perfect for young people, who want to combine their vacations in a wonderful place with having fun, drinking and dancing all day and night long. Santorini has the great advantage that it can combine both things, the romanticism and the wild nightlife for those, who want something more in their holidays than admiring the beauty of the landscape. The hottest part scene in Santorini is Fira Santorini, while the other village of the island, Oia is more romantic and ideal for lounge music and cocktails enjoying the view of caldera. The beaches of Kamari Beach (Santorini) and Perissa Beach (Santorini) are the most crowded and youthful beach scenes, where you can party by the sea.

The historical sites

Santorini was the cradle of the Neolithic civilisation in the area of Cyclades, which has been destroyed by the eruption of the volcano around 1,650 B.C. In Fira Santorini, there are two main museums, the Prehistoric Thera Museum, which presents the most significant murals found at the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri Santorini, and the Archaeological Museum of Thera, which hosts statues and discoveries from the Archaic, Geometric, Hellenistic and Roman Periods. The archaeological site at Akrotiri Santorini is definitely worth a visit as it was constructed around 4,500 B.C. and was covered by ashes and lava due to the enormous volcanic eruption around 1,650 B.C., and thus, it was preserved intact through time.