Winter Island Hopping: best islands
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Winter Island Hopping: best islands

Crete ● Naxos ● Santorini ● Syros ● 01 January 2018

Island Hopping is not only for summer. Travelling in low season has many advantages, such as great accommodation deals, uncrowded places, relaxing atmosphere and time to explore every corner of the new destination. There are many Greek islands for winter that can offer you super moments. Besides, the weather is calm even in January and February, and especially in Cyclades and Crete, the chance of rain is very low. Thus, winter island hopping is a top experience for the new year. Have a look at these Greek islands that are beautiful during winter and pack now your suitcase!


Syros and its main town Ermoupolis is the capital of Cyclades. It is a large city that has many possibilities for entertainment. Restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and museums are open all year long as Syros is a vivid city. Plus, walking around the paved streets of Ermoupolis, where you will be impressed by the neoclassical houses, the imposing mansions and the buildings designed by the famous architect Ernst Chiller is enough to spend an interesting day.


After Syros, you can go to Naxos, the largest island of Cyclades, which is also a vivid Greek island. In Naxos, you can stroll around the castle and Chora and eat in the topical taverns, whose Greek cuisine is renowned all over the world. Naxos has also many beautiful inland villages, where during the off-season you will have the chance to talk to local people and feel their authentic aura. Furthermore, Naxos has significant archaeological sites and museums, such as Portara at the port, the Archaeological Museum and Kouros statues, which will turn your vacation into cultural holidays.


Two hours by boat from Naxos, you can reach Santorini, the Greek island that constitutes a totally new chapter in the book of your vacation in Greece. Santorini is very touristic during summer, and thus many shops, restaurants, bars and hotels are closed from November to April. However, Santorini has so many touristic facilities that you can easily find top accommodation to stay, which will also be much more affordable than during the high season. Moreover, you will enjoy this spectacular island away from the crowds of tourists, feel its captivating character together with local people and enjoy Oia and Fira without having to walk near thousands of travellers. Santorini has also interesting museums, such as the Archaeological and the Prehistoric Museum, as well as the ancient site of Akrotiri.


A few hours by boat from Santorini, is located Crete, which is definitely an ideal Greek island for winter. Crete has 4 large towns (Chania, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos and Rethymnon), major ancient sites, such as Faistos and Knossos, numerous traditional seaside and mountainous villages, as well as verdant nature, rivers, gorges and mountains with wonderful hiking paths. Crete is also one of the southernmost spots of Europe, and thus its weather is mild. That means that in the spring you can definitely sunbathe and -why not- swim in the Libyan Sea.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Delphi, Greece Castri Hotel
Castri Hotel
23, Siggrou Str., 33054 Delphi, Greece

Castri Hotel is located in Delphi Village, just 1.3 km away from the Archaeological site of Delphi. Amfissa Town is a 20-minute drive away.

Hotel & Appartment in Athens, Greece Athens Way
9.1 10
Athens Way
17, Arachovis & Ippokratous Str., 10680 Athens, Greece

Located in Athens City Centre, this hotel is within a 15 - minute walk from Syntagma square. The Acropolis is at 2 km away.

Hotel in Naxos, Greece Princess Of Naxos
8.9 10
Princess Of Naxos
Airport Road, Chora, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Princess of Naxos is located in the town of Naxos, near Agios Georgios beach. Naxos Port is 2.2 km away and Naxos National Airport is 1.4 km away.