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Zagorochoria, one of the best winter destinations in Greece

Epirus ● Zagorochoria ● 21 December 2016

In the mountains of Pindos in Epirus, 46 traditional villages with gorgeous old stone-built mansions and bridges offer you a breathtakingly beautiful tour for winter holidays in Zagorochoria that you will never forget. Traditional cafes, restaurants, hotels and guest houses are the perfect way to get away from the daily routine and relax in a stunning scenery that proves that Greece is an exquisite destination for winter holidays too.


In western Zagori, the village Aristi with its elegant stone houses overlooks the Voidomatis River, one of the cleanest and coldest streams in Europe. The Panagia Spiliotissa Monastery near the village is built on a rock, offering an impressive view of the valley. From the village of Vikos, you can admire the Vikos Gorge, and then, you should follow the signs for Mikro and Megalo Papigo, two of the most traditional villages in the region, with wonderful architecture and cobblestone paths. Mikro Papigo is a car-free zone, and from there, you can hike the mountain to the Drakolimni Lake and the Astraka Peak.

Ano Pedina is the location of the Monastery of Evangelistria, a fortified construction dating back to 1647. A narrow road between Ano Pedina and Kato Pedina leads to the village of Elafotopos, which has remained untouched by mainstream tourism. In a short distance, are located the villages of Monodendri and Vitsa, which offer a sensational view of the Vikos Gorge. In central Zagori, there are also the villages of Dilofo and Kapesovo that will transport you back in time with their grand mansions and the well-maintained cobblestone pathways. Here, you can visit the highest and oldest village of Zagori, Vradeto, as well as the largest village of the area, Tsepelovo. In Vradeto, the main attraction is a stone-constructed 1.200 step staircase, which links the village with Kapesovo. Iliochori village features wonderful waterfalls, and Vrysochori has a splendid square with a huge and very old plane tree.

In eastern Zagori, you can visit in Negades the most significant church of the region, a triple-sectioned basilica dedicated to Saint George, Saint Dimitrios and the Holy Trinity. In this area, there are some extremely astonishing locations, such as the stone bridges around Leptokaria and the watermill in Tristeno. From the most remote village, Vovousa, begins a trail, which reaches Valia Kalda, the national park of Pindos.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Zagorochoria, Greece Hotel Athina
Hotel Athina
Elati, 44007 Zagorochoria, Greece

Hotel Athina is located in the beautiful village of Elati, Zagorochoria. The National Airport of Ioannina is 26 km away.

Boutique Hotel in Zagorochoria, Greece Melinas Boutique Hotel
Melinas Boutique Hotel
Kipoi, 44010 Zagorochoria, Greece

Melinas Boutique Hotel is built in a beautiful area in Kipi, Zagorochoria. The National Airport of Ioannina is 33 km away.

Appartment in Zagorochoria, Greece Elafotopos
Elafotopos, 44007 Zagorochoria, Greece

The hostel is located in Lower Mahala village, next to the church of the Assumption and the Folklore Museum, always with the same flavors and hearty welcome Mrs. Eleni who makes you feel at home.