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Zakynthos: not only the Shipwreck beach

Ionian islands ● Zakynthos ● 03 August 2018
Zakynthos - Reading time: 4 minutes

Zakynthos is worldwide famous for the majestic Shipwreck Beach, one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. But Zakynthos is not only that. It offers the traveller many more other things that can steal your heart. Plus, Zakynthos is an ideal destination for Greek Island Hopping as it is located in a close distance to other beautiful Ionian Islands. Read here the ultimate guide of this gorgeous island and get ready for unforgettable vacation!


The Shipwreck Beach is an exposed sandy cove, which owes its name to the wreck of a ship called Panagiotis that is believed to have been a smugglers ship. The area of the beach attracts thousands of tourists yearly, but you can access it only by boat.  The beauty of the landscape, the colour of the waters and the combination of the golden sand with the shipwreck create a picture that is a trademark of Greece.
Shipwreck Beach

However, the island has many other beautiful beaches, all of which have turquoise sea waters, golden sand, tourist facilities and vivid beach bars. Kalamaki Beach (Zakynthos) is one of the most developed tourist resorts. Although it gets very popular in July and August, there is always plenty of space and a lot of umbrellas and sunbeds to enjoy the top quality facilities of the beach, do water sports and relax drinking your cocktail.

Agios Nikolaos is located on the northern side of the islands, and it is an ideal cove for scuba diving thanks to its amazing seabed. It has a vivid beach bar but also many quiet spots. On the other hand, Tsilivi Beach (Zakynthos) is the closest wonderful and organised beach to Zakynthos Town, only 6 km from the main town. The area is full of bars, clubs, restaurants and cafés and attracts mostly British and Italian tourists. The beach is characterised by its clear waters and its water sports facilities.


Limni Keriou Beach (Zakynthos) is located in the southern, very touristy side of the island, but it has kept its authentic character. Verdant nature, calmness and a diving club make the place the ultimate spot for water sports and a unique day by the sea in a wonderful scenery.

Gerakas is a long sandy beach with emerald waters and untouched scenery that makes it an off-the-beaten-track choice. Imposing rocky formations on the coastline offer you the feeling of protection and isolation in this lovely beach that is perfect for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing all day long.

Alykanas Zakynthos, on the northern side of the island, is a popular long sandy beach with great tourist facilities and services, including accommodation, taverns and numerous water sports centres.

Other things to do

Blue Caves

Near Volimes Zakynthos Ionian Islands, a picturesque village away from the mass tourism, are located the Blue Caves, which are accessible only by boat. Interesting arches created by erosion and the reflection of the blue waters and the shine of the sky in them make the Blue Caves one of the most popular attraction in Greece. They are also a must spot for the lovers of diving.

The Venetian Castle and the town

The Venetian Castle is located on a hill above Zakynthos Town, in the region of Mpohali Zakynthos, the most romantic place around the capital of the island. From there, you have a majestic view of the town and the sea, and it is a perfect spot to drink your cocktail and take hundreds of photos with your other half. Down town, things are more crowded, but the central square is perfect to eat in one of the traditional Ionian restaurants, walk and shop local products.

Marathonisi Islet

Marathonisi is a small island in Laganas Zakynthos Bay. Daily excursions by boat are made to Marathonisi, which is known for its sandy beaches and its green landscape. On the soft sand of Marathonisi's beaches, the sea turtle caretta- caretta lays its eggs. The main beach of the tiny island looks like a boat ready to depart!


On the top of a hill full of lush greenery, is located the traditional village of Keri. It is a quiet and charming village with stone built houses and narrow streets. The best spot of the village is the central square, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea and the sunset. Keri is untouched from the tourism, and thus, you will find only 2 cafes there.

Caretta- Caretta

Caretta- caretta is a protected species of sea turtle, which can be found all over the Mediterranean Sea, but especially in Zakynthos, it lays its eggs. Especially in Laganas Beach(Zakynthos) and in Marathonisi, there is a protected area, where caretta- caretta lays its eggs, and tourists should not put their umbrellas. If you take an excursion boat in this bay, you will certainly see a sea turtle swimming in the crystal waters, an unforgettable experience for children as well as for everybody.

The nightlife

The nightlife in Zakynthos is famous because it attracts many tourists from all over Europe and especially Britain. The best spots for partying till the dawn are the town and Laganas, which are the top destinations for young travellers all over Europe.

Water and adventure sports

Zakynthos is an amazing place for the lovers of waters sports, such as most organised beaches have water-sports facilities and diving centers. The Blue Caves and many beaches in Zakynthos, such as Limni Keriou are top destinations all over the world for diving as the seabed is impressive. Plus, while diving, you may sea a caretta-caretta swimming near you! For the water sport of canoeing, calm waters are must. Perfect are thus the Ionian islands, such as Zakynthos. For lovers of adventure sports, the Shipwreck beach is a famous base jumping location with international tournaments.

Travel insurance

Especially for adventure travellers, a travel insurance is necessary in order to keep them safe and secure. Zakynthos is a top island for several activities, and this is why we offer you the best travel insurance for Greece in cooperation with WorldNomads. Great cover, top services, 24/7 emergency assistance and health insurance guarantee you a flexible and reliable travel insurance that is exactly what you need when travelling abroad and do such amazing things as these available in Zakynthos. Now, you should not afraid about anything!

Island Hopping

Are you a fan of Greek islands but you have only one summer in Greece? The good news is that you can combine your visit in Zakynthos with other Ionian islands that are located in a very close distance. In less than 2 hours, you can be on another island, explore a whole new world and discover the Ionian Sea with its wonderful verdant nature, the Italian-style seaside villages and the exotic beaches. One hour from Zakynthos, is located the beautiful authentic island of Kefalonia with the impressive Myrtos Beach, the well-preserved northern town of Fiskardo as well as the beautiful towns of Argostoli and Lixouri. Ithaca is also in a short distance to Zakynthos. Ithaca is the island of Odysseus and is characterised by calmness and hospitable local people. What makes Ithaca unique is its unspoiled landscape with pine trees until the coastline and the traditional picturesque villages with their relaxing aura, which is ideal for families and couples. Of course, we can't forget to mention that it is a legendary place, the homeland of Odysseus, who was trying to reach it for 10 years, but you can easily travel to Ithaca in one hour by taking the ferry from Zakynthos or Kefalonia. After Ithaca and Kefalonia, you can go to LefkadaLefkada is a large island with verdant nature, stunning beaches and a vivid capital, and you can go there by ferry or boat from Zakynthos. The Ionian island with the numerous impressive, exotic bays is waiting for you!


The food in the Ionian islands and especially in Zakynthos is characterised by unique dishes, which can be found nowhere else. Zakynthos has lush greenery full of vegetation, and thus agriculture is well-developed. One of the most unique dishes on the island is called ladotyri, a thick, zesty cheese served in some variations of meze or even cooked into casseroles. Another signature, local dish of Zakynthos is spetsofai, a rabbit dish stuffed with cheese, served with herbs, and cooked in red wine. Of course, in Zakynthos, you can taste all the famous dishes of the Greek cuisine, such as moussaka, souvlaki, pies, Greek salad, seafood and fresh fish. In Zakynthos town as well as in the organised beaches of the island, you can have a delicious meal by the sea, having an abundant culinary experience.

Where to Stay

Studio & Appartment in Zakynthos, Greece Studios Petra
9.4 10
Studios Petra
Kipseli, 29100 Zakynthos, Greece

Studios Petra is located in Kipseli, approximately a 10-minute walk from the nearest beach. Zakynthos town and port are 12 km away. Zakynthos International Airport is 15 km away.

Studio & Appartment in Zakynthos, Greece Studio Stars
Studio Stars
Mouzaki - Laganas, 29092 Zakynthos, Greece

Surrounded by lush gardens with citrus trees, Studio Stars offers self-catering accommodation in a quiet location just 1 km away from the lively center of the cosmopolitan Laganas resort and 3 km from Laganas Beach. Zakynthos international airport is at 4 km, while the main port in picturesque and historic Zakynthos town is at 5 km. A bus stop with good service to the town can be found just a few meters away from the property.

Studio & Appartment in Zakynthos, Greece Studio Stars I
Studio Stars I
Agrilia - Laganas, 28900 Zakynthos, Greece

Offering accommodation in self-catering studios and apartments, Studio Stars I is located just 1 km from the lively center of the cosmopolitan Laganas resort and 2.7 km from Laganas beach. Zakynthos international airport is at 4 km, while the main port in historic and picturesque Zakynthos town is at 5 km. A bus stop can be found just outside the property.