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Κινέζικα (Απλοποιημένα)
Kinέζικα (Παραδοσιακά)

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Greece ● Kalamata ● Peloponnese ● Παρασκευή, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2016

We had a great relationship for seven years. Seven years of love, understanding and passion. We lived together for two years. Two years of a happy routine. Or at least, I thought so. Suddenly, my soulmate decided that we could not be together any more. I had to move out. To find new friends and a new home in Germany, a foreign country, in which I studied because of him. My world fell apart. It was the most difficult time of my life.

 I found a small apartment, and I met a few people from Greece because the company of the Germans was not that easy for me due to their language. My heart was broken, but my life was moving forward, and things became better. Three months after I moved out, it would be our 8th anniversary. I felt terrible. I did not want to be in Germany on this day. What if I met him accidentally? The weather was awful; it was cold and rainy for over one month while my friends in Greece told me about the sunshine there. I thought that I could be in Greece on this day. Nothing could stop me. I found cheap aeroplane tickets for a flight to Kalamata, a wonderful seafront town in Peloponnese that could really relax me. An affordable hotel was also something simple to find. And I was ready.

It was the first time in my life that I travelled solo. I was always travelling with my boyfriend or my family. But now, I wanted to do that alone. I wanted to think about myself, to search again for the happiness, to believe that I could be happy again without him. The town was astonishing, everything there was perfect. The weather was warm and sunny, the atmosphere romantic and quiet, the buildings traditional and well-preserved. I wandered in the narrow streets for hours, and then, when I was tired, I ate something in a coastal restaurant, staring at the sea. I did not want to meet new people, I only wanted to clean my mind and appreciate what I had without thinking all the time about what I lost.

Female traveller

These four days were a miracle. I returned to Germany with self confidence and calmness. I have found the meaning of my life. A meaning that did not include him. I still believed in love, I still do. But I realised that the most precious moments are those spent with ourselves. At the end of the day, we can’t be sure for anything else. Our best and most loyal friend is our mind and our heart. And they are also our best company. This lesson that I took in this journey was enough to make me recover from my sadness. There is always a reason. And a solution.

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