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A weekend in Naples: the seductive southern Italian city

Italy ● Naples ● 17 August 2017

Naples is a seductive city of southern Italy, a travel back in time where culture and gastronomy find their perfect destination. Southern Italy is a unique world that will impress you with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the attitude, which is the same with Greece.

Architectural landmark of Naples is the medieval Castel Nuovo at Piazza Municipio. Stroll around the impressive and well-preserved castle, which contains a museum of sculptures and paintings from the Renaissance.

The most significant museum of Naples and one of the most important museums in Italy is the Museo di Capodimonte. It is housed in a palace built in 1738 and hosts works by Titian, El Greco and Caravaggio. Worth visiting is also the modern art collection of the museum with the Andy Warhol's painting "Vesuvius" being a standout piece.


Don't forget to visit the Palazzo Reale, a 17th century royal palace and Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano with the masterpiece of Caravaggio "The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula".

Take a tour of the National Archaeological Museum, whose exhibition halls feature artefacts ranging from prehistoric to medieval times, with an emphasis of excavations at Pompeii and Ercolano.

Very interesting is the MADRE Museum of Contemporary Art, whose collection includes works of Jeff Koons, Richard Serra and Greek artist Jannis Kounellis, who lives in Rome.

Naples, as well as whole Italy, in addition to its culture and art, is also popular as a gastronomic destination where you can live an abundant culinary experience.

In Naples, you will taste pizza, meatballs in red sauce, homemade pasta and buffalo mozzarella. The Italian cuisine is famous all over the world, and in Naples, the pizzerias and the restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine are everywhere in the city. Some of them offer you a stunning and romantic atmosphere housed in medieval buildings, while other trattorias have unique dishes to serve, like gluten-free pizza, pasta bucatini with various homemade sauces or delicious polpette.

Make a gift to yourself and taste the delicacies of Naples. The foresta chocolate is like a tree trunk, while hot sfogliatella is a Neapolitan sweet made with crispy pastry and a semi-sweet filling of ricotta cheese and orange zest. Then, drink espresso served in a hot cup according to the tradition in southern Italy.

Visit also the Pignasecca Market, the city's oldest outdoor market with local fruit, vegetables, cheese products and authentic Neapolitan street food.