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Alexandroupoli, the jewel of the Thracian Sea

Alexandroupoli ● Thrace ● 06 July 2017

Alexandroupoli opens its arms to the Thracian Sea in a beautiful way. The lighthouse is the trademark of the city, the place where the sea meets the urban scenery, and together they create a unique picture with cafés and cozy taverns with seafood. Sea breeze, sea gulls and the pedestrian by the sea give the visitors of Alexandroupoli the ultimate feeling of being on an island. But the most imposing thing in Alexandroupoli is the feeling of being literally a few kilometres from Turkey. Alexandroupoli is the edge of Greece, its borders and the gate to the East.


Cobblestoned Emboriou Street is flanked by smaller streets that are full of young people and life. Little tavernas, businesses, pastry shops and cafés make the place perfect for a promenade. The most beautiful neighbourhood is Apolloniada, at the end of the coastal road. Lovely townhouses with front yards full of flowers exude charm and nostalgia.

Very interesting in Alexandroupoli are its museums. The Ethnological Museum of Thrace is located in a neoclassical mansion of 1899 and has exhibits from the folk life of the area. The Ecclesiastical Museum, also in a neoclassical building of the 19th century, showcases sacred relics from the region of Thrace and post-Byzantine icons. The Museum of National History contains exhibits that illustrate the area's biodiversity and ecological treasures, while the Historical Museum reflects the city's intellectual and economic evolution. The Municipal Library is housed in an old tobacco warehouse, constituting a treasure of the past and a significant cultural hub of Alexandroupoli.

For a delicious culinary experience in Alexandroupoli, drink tsipouro and eat fresh seafood or local meat dishes on a seaside tavern. The most famous local dish of Alexandroupoli is the ciger sarma, which is wrapped lamb with liver patties. After a delicious meal, eat coffee in the numerous cafés of the city in its pedestrians or in Dimokratias Avenue.

The best excursions from Alexandroupoli include Dadia Forest and Evros Delta. Dadia Forest is a national park with 166 bird species, 36 species of birds of prey, rare orchids and wild apple trees. The Evros Delta is an ecological paradise, where you can go boating. The experience of watching the flamingos mirrored on the surface of the lagoon is just unforgettable.