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Best Greek islands and mainland destinations for family holidays

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When you visit Greece for the first time you will feel like you are in the most beautiful part of the world! Maybe that's why, most visitors keep returning to Greece, as they are still in awe of what they ee on their travels around the land of the ancient Gods, the land of myth, legend and natural beauty. What you will love is its marvellous abundance of lush landscapes, turquoise seas, unique terrestrial morphology as well as the amazing islands. Greece is not only skin deep, you will have the chance to learn a lot about Greece’s culture, language and you will also meet very kind and welcoming people who are ready to share their history and their goods with you. There is no question that you will appreciate the wonderful warmth of the Greeks. What better place to bring your family?

Summer is here, and the kids are ready to conquer every beach they can find on their way. Their eagerness to head out and explore magical Greece will make your heart melt and you will want to give your child the chance to refresh and energise. After all, we all longed for this moment for months now... The family vacation of your dreams is feasible, provided you act promptly.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself with the children in the next few days in one of these 3 best Cycladic islands, we have to say that we are a bit jealous of you. However, because we want to make your vacation even better, we have the best suggestions for swimming, strolling and all the other interesting and entertaining things you can do in Greece.


Paros island is a characteristic example of the Cycladic aesthetic. Paros welcomes many families every year, as it has some of the most ideal beaches for families with young children. In Naoussa, the Paros Environmental and Cultural Park offers plenty of alternative activities which will keep you and your kids busy. Interesting suggestions for families: cycling in the alleys, visiting the Park with the Butterflies and strolling through the museums of the island. Beaches that are ideal for the whole family can be found in Naoussa, Kryos and Aliki.


The families that choose Naxos are the ones who want quiet and sandy, organized beaches but are also looking for some remarkable alternatives for their evening entertainment. It is, therefore, a destination that combines many possibilities, while in addition, it has some beautiful mountain villages, Apeiranthos and Filoti, for your afternoon walks. As for the beaches, where to start? Next to Chora is the bustling Ag. George, with its golden sand, while a few kilometres further the organized beaches of Ag. Anna and Ag. Prokopis, with their thick sand and crystal clear waters, wait for you to explore them. Above the beaches, there are bars and taverns where you can continue your entertainment and relaxation after your swim. The coastline continues on the equally stunning beach of Plaka, with a few beach bars, while those who seek tranquillity should prefer Pyrgaki.


Mykonos apart from cosmopolitan can also be a great family destination. All the beaches of Mykonos are wonderful, but if you go with your children, we would recommend a secluded sandy beach, like Agrari Beach, which has a playground for children as well as water sports. Another option could be Panormos, with its shallow water being less windy than others makes it a good location to relax and unwind. Finally, Kalo Livadi, with its even more shallow waters and endless beach can make another great choice for you and your kids.

Kalo Livadi


Milos thankfully is not only an island for lovers but also an island for families. Milos has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Greek islands and we suggest that you plan to spend there at least 7 days to see most of them. Ideal beaches for children are Papikinou, without abrupt depths and Provatas, with shallow water which is also organized. Some museums that you could visit with your children are the Milos Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Milos Mining Museum. You might want to try a day-trip to Kleftiko beach and even get some inspiration for your pirate stories...


Being one of the most famous Greek islands, Santorini couldn’t be left out of your best Greek islands for family holidays list. Perissa beach has an organized water park if you like diving through the waterslides, while on the beach of Monolithos you will find shallow water, fine sand and a specially made playground for children! A hike on horses will surely excite your little travellers as well as the whole family. Don’t forget to take a trip around the volcano, the glass floor from the boat will astound you.


Have you ever heard of Koufonisia? Two small islands, 10 square kilometres of paradise! Exotic beaches, raw beauty, good food. Your holidays here will seem eternal… You feel you have landed in paradise! We bet that you will not be able to resist the sea around the magical island complex of Koufonissia. Translucent aquamarine waters, golden sandy beaches protected by the winds. What more can one ask for? Pano Koufonissi is more touristy, with more people especially in August, it has many accommodation options near the beach of Ammos, but there are not many big family rooms on the beach. The island is flat, the distances are small, the traffic of the vehicles extremely limited, so even if you stay a little further to the mainland, it will not be a problem to go with the children to the beach.


The beloved Crete of traditions, culture and the intense local element is another favourite destination. A place made for families, with history taking a leading role. Ideal places for history buffs are, such as the Knossos Palace, with easy access for children, and the Cave Diktaion Andron in Lassithi, the place that Zeus was born, will surely impress our little friends. Crete has it all. The restaurants in Crete are fantastic (even though they are touristy) and the hotels are idyllic. Your children will love exploring the winding streets and alleys of Chania. The Samaria Gorge (perfect for family getaways and hiking), the water parks and the Hersonissos swimming pools, are just some of the places that you could visit.



Rhodes, with its endless sandy beaches and many hotels with children's activities, deserves a good place on this list. Rhodes is "blessed" island with some of the best beaches in Greece. Rhodes is characterized as having the most children-friendly seas by plenty of travellers. The tour of the old town and the castle is a thrilling experience for children, while the whole family can have endless fun at the Waterpark in Faliraki and the aquarium just a short distance from the old town, which is recommended for an entertaining afternoon walk. Of course, the Valley of the Butterflies is another hot spot for children.


The island of the Feakes, according to Homer, is always a classic destination for all families who want to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Surely the whole family will enjoy their vacations by diving in the beautiful beaches of the island. Beaches suitable for children, such as Marathias, Prasoudi, Halikounas are the top ones for you to choose from. The island of Vidos, an environmental oasis across from the city, will simply leave you speechless... Another good idea is to visit is the Aquatic Park of Aqualand.


Although less popular, Paxoi is the perfect place for a quiet family holiday. The children will enjoy the smooth eastern beaches of the island with its astonishing clear waters! On the island, you will find some of the most beautiful villas for family stays. All you have to do is just head out and explore the Ionian Sea.


If you remain in the Ionian Sea, the island of Zakynthos with its impressive beaches is your next option! If you have teenagers in the family, the opportunities for going out and having fun with peers will be unlimited. The area of ​​Vassilikos has the greenest landscapes. You shouldn't miss the Water Sports on the beach of Ag. Nicholas, the Luna Fun Park (Tsilivi) will pump you up and make you wanna head out and play, there is also a very good Go-Kart track in Kalamaki. Do not forget the favourite wildlife of Zakynthos, the sea-turtles at the Caretta's Fun Park Center also in Kalamaki.


If you choose Lefkada for your vacation in Greece you will avoid the cost of ferry tickets since Lefkada is the only island that you can reach without boarding a ferry. Lefkada is an ideal island for Families, as it offers shallow and tranquil waters on its west side. Beaches such as Nidri, Lygia and Vassiliki should make your list since they are great for children. On this island, you will find many suggestions for water sports, scuba diving, horseback riding, windsurfing and sailing. All these have special courses and teachers for children.

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Tips To Have Fun With Your Family

What does a parent need to make sure that the family holidays are carefree during a stay in Greece? For instance, in the Greek islands (the Cyclades, Ionian Islands, Dodecanese, Crete), there are safe sandy beaches for children. There is a hospital or health centre so you won’t have to worry if something unexpected happens. Finally, you will surely find family rooms at reasonable prices, located in settlements with a beautiful family atmosphere. The Greek islands are a summer vacation option for everyone and as mentioned above some islands like Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Mykonos, Koufonisia are safer and ideal for a family getaway. Since they are in close proximity to each other you could visit more than one island by trying Greek island hopping. There are plenty of ferry routes that include those islands on daily basis.   

The question is: how do you have fun while on the island? Well, there are plenty of things that you and your family could do.

Top Tips Make Your Vacation More Fun

    • Book your stay at a resort with great facilities

    • Pack all that is necessary

    • Go Greek Island Hopping

    • Try water sports

    • Play games

    • Go out and explore

    • Take Advantage of Nature. It’s Everywhere (and Usually Free)

    • Use Travel as a Learning Tool

    • Give Your Kids a Chance to See How Cool You Are

    • Safety first - avoid accidents

Excitement is the key, so get on it! Talk about the trip and the vacation spot with your children, and involve your kids in the planning. When they confront the real deal, the familiarity will be encouraging. And you are likely to be surprised at what they can absorb. Help your kids have an enchanting cultural experience by getting them introduced to a brief history lesson and maybe a mythological journey regarding Greece. They will love the stories about ancient Greece since they are like fairy tales. Plus, every place has its own history. You could research before getting to your destination and learn more about it together as a family. When the moment of packing arrives, let your child help by choosing their apparel, but be sure to blend, match, and layer their options. You have to accept the fact that your space in the baggage will be what little is left over once your kid's every need has been fulfilled.

Best Tips To Feel Great During Family Holiday

    • Make time for your own kind of fun.

    • Leave plenty of time to get where you need to be

    • Document happy memories

    • Recognize your children's limits... and your own

    • Take time to exercise

    • Make peace with technology

    • Leave negativity at home

    • Go ahead and unwind

The most fun kids have on a trip is often in the hotel pool. But unless of course it's guarded, you'll be so worried that you're never going to relax or sleep well. The key to enjoying a hotel visit is to make certain you're welcome as a family. Childproofing a hotel room is your top priority. Bring along wall socket covers, a bathtub-faucet cover, and a plastic cabinet lock. Pick perfect car toys, board games and gadgets. Leave toys that are made from little pieces at home-unless you want to practice your yoga skills by bending to reach them to the back seat floor every 10 minutes. Another solution is to maintain your peace on long driving by watching a movie on your tablet or laptop or even by reading a book or magazine.

*Extra Tips

Alternative Destinations In Greece’s Mainland

Not all of us like the idea of having a vacation on an island. Thank God Greece has plenty of options for that as well. You don’t need to visit a Greek island to have the best family holidays of your life. You could do all that in the mainland of Greece. Decide your trip’s destination, find the perfect family hotel, put gas on your car, suitcases in the trunk and you're ready for a summer vacation! A Road-trip around Greece makes the best alternative suggestion if you are not that into Greek island hopping.

To make it easier and help you organize your holiday better, we gathered some of the best Greek destinations where you can make a family holiday without having to take a ferry! Here are some options for a family vacation with the car:


On Mt.Pelion you will encounter all the magic of the mountain and the sea combined in one destination. Pelion is one of the main reasons to love ​​mainland Greece, it is located in the region of Thessaly. You will walk through stone villages with squares, fountains, Byzantine temples, shaded by plane trees, beech trees, chestnut trees, oak trees and all kinds of citrus trees. You will find old paths overlooking the Aegean Sea, a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Going downhill, you will discover marvellous beaches with white pebbles and clear waters, local taverns with tasty food and cafes in idyllic locations. In Pelion, you will have the opportunity to explore seaside caves and other hidden gems. Staying in stone guesthouses might be a mesmerizing experience, perfect for a cool refreshing evening. You’ll spend your time walking through the lush forests or relaxing at the beach. You will ride on scenic roads while on the slopes of the blessed mountain, revealing yet another magical landscape at every turn.


What makes the Peloponnese a favourite family destination? From the coast of Argolida overlooking the Aegean Sea to the endless golden sand of Zacharo with the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, the Peloponnese is an inexhaustible place that will always give you reasons to visit it again and again. It is both organized and easily accessible, with plenty of family hotels and hostels. Areas with options in family hotels in the Peloponnese: Nafplion, Kardamili, Mavrovouni, Arkoudi. A road trip around the Peloponnese is the best way to explore Southern Greece!



Chalkidiki is a wonderful destination in Northern Greece with lots of space for the kids to play and have fun on the beach. Chalkidiki will enchant you with its crystal clear waters, natural greenery and well-organized touristic facilities that offer comfort and luxury.


In Epirus, you will find unspoiled nature, traditional architecture and you will enjoy both the coolness of the mountain and the sea. Between Pindos and the Ionian Sea, in mountain ranges and gorges, castles and traditional villages, Epirus is a destination that will fascinate both you and your children. A different summer vacation experience that you will definitely want to repeat. Areas with options for family hotels in Epirus: Syvota, Parga.

Where to Stay

Studio & Appartment in Naxos, Greece Valena Mare
Valena Mare
Plaka, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Velena Mare is located 8 km away from Chora, the capital town and main port of Naxos, and 6 km from the airport.

Studio & Appartment in Naxos, Greece Depis Place and Apartments
Depis Place and Apartments
Agios Georgios, Chora, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Depis Place and Apartments is located in Chora, just a 5-minute walk away from Agios Georgios sandy beach. The Port of Naxos is 1.3 km away and Naxos National Airport is 2.4 km away.

Boutique Hotel in Naxos, Greece Aeolis Boutique Hotel
8.9 10
Aeolis Boutique Hotel
Naxos Chora, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Modern, boutique hotel conveniently located 200 m from the center of the historic town of Naxos and 2 minutes walk from the beach of Agios Georgios. The distance from the main port of the island is 500 m and from the Naxos airport 2,5 km.