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Budget holiday mentality

Cyclades ● Dodecanese ● Ionian islands ● Sporades ● 25 August 2017
In order to relax and refresh your body and mind, you don’t actually have to spend much money! To have budget holidays during your escape it is easier than you think… Follow our steps and you’ll succeed!

You are not going to have the conventional holiday you had every year, and we assure you it is not going to be your worst. The schedule you’ll follow is just going to be a bit different. If you want to have affordable holiday, the first step you have to take is to start thinking differently. It is all a matter of mentality…

To have cheap holidays and spend less money, you can initially choose a nearby destination. Even better, if you have someone to host you, then go with the latter choice. The nearest destination means fewer expenses to go - and even less hassle in parallel.

Also, if you manage to secure a free stay, you can spend your remaining money in having more festive days and nights! You could also do a research on-line to find the best value for money accommodation. There are plenty of hotels here in Hostelbay that can save you lots of money to enjoy it in any other way you please in the picturesque islands and mainland of Greece!

Budget holiday mentality

After you manage to secure your budget accommodation, the next big obstacle that you have to overcome in order to enjoy a really cheap holiday is the food. Get ready to consider your options on how to find cheap food!

We suggest that you forget about the rustic everyday taverns and fancy restaurants. We are not saying to forget it completely, but not on a daily basis. Do it only where your appetite actually draws you to. You will enjoy it more, when you’ve missed it the most! A small tip on how to check if a tavern is cheap or not. Take a look at the price of the Greek Salad (choriatiki). Have in mind that the normal price of this salad should be around 5 Euro.

Take care of your snacks when you are planning to do your everyday excursions or even when relaxing all day at the beach. What you could do is plan ahead, go to the supermarket and get the essentials. In this way, you’ll have something to eat along your full day and get it off with cheap food. For example, you could make some sandwiches, cheese pies, or bring along fruits and vegetables.

At the beach, you do not have to be deprived of the beach bar, just do not overdo it. If you sit all day there, do not spend all your money on alcohol which is particularly costly. Do try to find ways to relax and have fun! Order a coffee and if you are going to stay all day, you can also enjoy a beer along the way. You can buy beach rackets and those yellow balls to play while at the beach. Swim, explore, play beach volley, walk on the sand, make new friends… There are plenty of things to do so as not to get bored!

Similarly, to have a cheap holiday, you do not have to go only to places where you always have to pay for something ... You can walk, visit beaches and if you find some deserted and enchanting place, do honour it!
Loosen up and don’t try to over think it. While making your walks around your escape paradise, you will surely get plenty ideas as you discover every corner...

If your budget allows it, it would be good to have a vehicle with you. Although it is not mandatory since you can visit places using the local bus line or getting a day trip on a sailing boat. Do study the place before your arrival and get the accommodation that would suit more to your schedule and the places you want to visit.

Now, when the evening comes, if you want you could go to a bar too. But do not over spend your money on drinks. In case you want to drink much, it is wiser to buy some drinks from a supermarket, and then hang out on a beautiful beach (or some other magical place that you have discovered). Looking at the sunset among the company of your friends or family will get you relaxed in no time…

Generally to have a cheap holiday and more specifically to spend your time within a budget, you just have to make sure that you think right and you should be reasonable. You do not have to spend a lot of money, what you must do is spend it well. There are countless things you can do on your summer holiday. Gather your positive energy, put your imagination to work and go for it! You will have an awesome time, better than not having a holiday at all!

By choosing one of the best accommodation offers here at, or by trying the Island Hopping experience we offer, you can take advantage of the above and have the best value for money holiday of your life!

Where to Stay

Hotel in Pelion, Greece Kenta Beach Hotel
Kenta Beach Hotel
Main village road, Agios Ioannis , 37012 Pelion, Greece

Hotel Sofoklis is built in an excellent location in the village of Agios Ioannis, just a minute's walk from the lovely beach. The ski centre of Pelion is 18 km away. Volos town is 44 km away.

Hotel in Athens, Greece Alma Hotel
6.8 10
Alma Hotel
5, Dorou str., 10432 Athens, Greece

Alma Hotel is located in the centre of Athens, just a 2-minute walk from Omonia Metro Station, offering easy access to Athens Railway Station and Piraeus Port. Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos is 36 km away.

Hotel in Kefalonia, Greece Mirabel City Center Hotel
Mirabel City Center Hotel
Vallianou Square, Argostoli, 28100 Kefalonia, Greece

Mirabel Hotel is located in Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. Kefalonia International Airport is a 15-minute drive. Poros Port is 40 km away.