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Everything you need to know about Corfu

Corfu ● Ionian islands ● 26 September 2018
Corfu, the queen of the Ionian Islands, is an authentic piece of Italy in Greece with a wonderful Old-Town, elegant villages and stunning beaches. It is a large island, which offers you numerous things to do. Be prepared for a journey back in time, in a jewel of the Ionian Sea. I fell in love with Corfu instantly, the moment I saw this gorgeous town. I am sure this experience will be one of a kind for you too!

You can go to Corfu by aeroplane from Athens within an hour, but there are also several charter flights from many airports across Europe. By boat, you can go to Corfu from Igoumenitsa port in Epirus, which is the closest place to Corfu in Mainland Greece. To go to Igoumenitsa from Athens by car, you need about 5-6 hours.

Old Town

Imposing palaces, impressive fortresses, cobblestone alleys, gastronomic surprises and stunning beaches. This is Corfu, the most cosmopolitan Greek island, the queen of Ionian Sea and a sample of the impeccable Italian architecture in Greece. Corfu Town is one of the most romantic and elegant places in Greece, and that’s why UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site. Wandering inside the cobblestone paths and the monuments of a traditional town that comes directly from the past and impresses its visitors is definitely the best thing you can do on the island.
 Corfu Town

In Corfu Town, magic unfolds the Venetian Old Town, under the arches of Liston, the Catholic Cathedral as well as the Spianada Square (Corfu) where the heart of the island beats. The landmark of Corfu, Fortrezza (=fortress in Italian language), with the Doric-style church of St. George is simply charming, an unforgettable experience for demanding travelers. The meandering begins in the paths of the Old Town, where the gardens of the palace of St. Michael and George, also known as the People's Gardens, will take your breath away. The Town Hall Square is home to the magnificent building, which once hosted the Loggia of the Nobles and later on San Giacomo Theatre, the first Greek theatre to stage Italian opera. The famous Liston is an impressive early 19th century arched colonnade, where you can enjoy coffee and cocktails in a stunning setting, while Spianada Square is one of the biggest squares in Europe and the place where the cultural heart of the island beats to the tunes of the brass bands, also known as philharmonics.
The district of Kanoni (Corfu) is a picturesque spot in Corfu Town. Up on a hill, there is a canon, and from there, the view to Pontikonisi (Corfu) (Mouse Island), a small, green island, which is linked to the mainland with a narrow pathway, is just amazing.

The culinary tradition in Corfu has strong Italian influences, so be ready to find many traditional trattorias and luxury Italian restaurants in the Old Town. Of course, Corfiot cuisine is part of the Greek cuisine with many creative local dishes of the Ionian Sea, such as the famous pastitsada, which is meat with spices and thick macaroni.

Historical sites in Corfu Town

Corfu Town is full of important historical sites that connect the history of Greece with Italy and Europe in the new times. Achilleion (Corfu) was built in 1890 exclusively for Elizabeth (Sissy), the Empress of Austria. It used to be the summer retreat of the Empress, and after her assassination, it was sold to Kaiser of Germany.

The Ionian Academy is the first University of Greece, from 1824 till 1864. Today, it hosts cultural events and exhibitions. 
Don't miss visiting Mon Repos. Mon Repos (Corfu) used to be the summer residence of the former royal family of Greece. Nowadays, Mon Repos is a significant tourist attraction of the island, which hosts a museum with many Ionian treasures. It is a truly impressive building in a multicultural setting of East and West. 

The Archaeological Museum in Corfu Town was built to house the Gorgon pediment from the temple of Artemis, which is supposed to be the oldest pediment in Greece. In this museum, visitors can also admire other findings from excavations on the island, the ancient town of Cassiopeia and items of private collections.

The mansion, where the first governor of modern Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, was born in 1776, is located in Corfu Old Town and is one of the most impressive buildings of the whole quarter. Today, it operates as part of the Ionian University and not as a museum. 

In a neoclassical construction in Corfu Old Town, is located the Ionian Parliament. The historical importance of this building is great since there, in 1863, the parliament voted for the unification of Corfu with the Greek state. After the unification, the Parliament had no reason to exist and turned into an Anglican church until the World War II, when the bombs caused severe damages to the building. After the war and its restoration, the building operates until today as a cultural spot, hosting events, exhibitions and lectures.

The Old Fortress of Corfu is one of the most imposing medieval fortifications in Europe. It is located on the eastern side of the town, on a rocky peninsula and was built by the Venetians in the 15th century to protect the island from its enemies. Near the fortress, is situated the church of Saint George, which was built by the Venetians according to the Doric ancient style, being the only church in Greece with this kind of architecture, basically a church like an ancient temple. 

Other things to do

The landscape outside the Old Town is wonderful. The island is characterised by verdant nature and lush greenery. We recommend you to rent a car and drive around the island, because it is large and has long distances but it is definitely worth exploring it.
The village of Old Perithia is a unique village of Corfu, as it seems to remain untouched over the course of time. It is a perfect example of how Corfu's first villages looked like and a representative sample of the Venetian architecture with houses made of stones constituting a gorgeous scenery. A walk in the paved paths of this village is a must!

If you have children, then visit Aqualand, the place that makes Corfu the family-friendliest island in Greece. Aqualand (Corfu) is considered to be the most amazing water park in Europe and the third largest in the world. Here, you will find many waterslides, sun beds, umbrellas, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes and mini markets to spend an unforgettable day with your family seeing your kids having the time of their lives! 


Corfu is also blessed with fascinating beaches, situated in an exquisite landscape with emerald waters and verdant nature. If you like the green beaches with emerald sea waters, golden sand and exotic setting, then the beaches in Corfu will impress you!

Paleokastritsa is the most famous and oldest beach resort in Corfu, and it is located close to Corfu Town. It is a sandy, organised beach with diving club and water-sports amenities, but the most impressive is its landscape, where huge green cliffs surrounding the beach and sea caves dominate the whole scenery. Around the beach, you will find many luxury hotels, cafes and traditional taverns.
Agios Gordios Corfu, only 20 km from Corfu Town, is a sandy, family-friendly beach with all the tourist facilities you may need. Turquoise waters and imposing rock formations make this beach a miracle of nature standing in front of you. Pelekas Beach (Corfu) is located near Corfu Town. It is a long beach with soft sand and water sports facilities, ideal for teens and young travelers. Rocky cliffs and caves around the beach create an ideal scenery for the lovers of diving, but the place is also the favourite destination of backpackers.
Glyfada Beach (Corfu), one of the most popular beaches of the island, which is also very close to Corfu Town, is awarded with Blue Flag for its crystal clear waters and its high quality of touristic facilities. Glyfada is considered one of the most famous beach resorts on the island for young people, and thus, it is noisy, crowded and party-friendly with many beach bars playing loud music until late at night.
Sidarion Corfu is one of the most beautiful villages of the island, 36 km from the capital, surrounded by lush, green forest. Near the village, is situated the Channel of Love (Canal d' Amour), an idyllic area with rock formations that create astonishing coves and canals. According to the tradition, couples, who swim in the canal, will get married soon. However, this place is not recommended when the weather is windy.
Canal d' Amour
Gialiskari is a secluded bay, although it is located close to Corfu Town, so it ideal for swimming and sunbathing away from the crowds. The beach is small but partly organised, and the rocks behind it offer shadow all day long. The setting is tropical with blue sea waters and picturesque green mountains around the bay. There are also water sports in Gialiskari for the lovers of the adventure. 
Kassiopi is an astonishing beach with white soft sand and emerald waters that remind of exotic beaches. It is partly organised and an ideal place to relax and admire the natural beauty around you.

Easter in Corfu

The celebration of Easter in Corfu, which is accompanied with impressive customs and traditions, is a unique experience for every traveler, so we highly recommend you to visit Corfu during the Greek Easter to live unforgettable moments. Corfu is the most popular destination in Greece for Easter vacation! Every event in Corfu is accompanied by concerts, which are popular thanks to the philharmonic orchestras of the island that play a prominent role in the local celebrations and cultural events. This combination of western music with the Greek Easter customs make these days unique and charming in the magnificent scenery of Corfu Town.
Easter in Corfu
Easter events on Corfu begin to peak on Good Friday with the Epitaphios procession around the Old Town, accompanied with philharmonic orchestras and choirs. On Easter Saturday, at 6 am, a re-enactment of the earthquake that the Gospel says followed the Resurrection of Jesus takes places at the church of Panagia ton Xenon, and at 11 am, at the church of St. Spyridon, the biggest and most famous church of the island, which is dedicated to the patron saint of Corfu, is held the First Resurrection of Jesus. Upon its completion, the bells ring joyfully, and clay pots are tossed from house balconies and windows onto the streets. This is the most popular Easter tradition in Greece and symbolises the joy of the pious Greek people for the Resurrection of Christ. Thousands of people watch this special ceremony at the central square, so if you are in Corfu this day, wake up early in order to find a place to take part in these celebrations.
On Easter Saturday night, the Resurrection is celebrated from an outdoor platform on Spianada Square, where thousands of worshippers and visitors, with musical accompaniment from the philharmonic orchestras, celebrate the most beautiful moment of Easter. The lit candles on the square and the surrounding windows create a spectacular overall setting. On Easter Sunday, the churches of the city parade the Icon of the Resurrection around the streets from 7 am.

Easter in Greece is a different experience you haven't lived before, but especially Easter in Corfu will take your breath away. Although Corfu has numerous hotels and accommodation options, for this period of time, make sure you have booked your accommodation and tickets early!
Easter in Corfu

Where to Stay

Hotel in Corfu, Greece Anita Hotel
8.3 10
Anita Hotel
Perama, 49084 Corfu, Greece

Surrounded by palm and cypress trees, Anita Hotel is located within a 10-minute walk from Perama Beach. Corfu International Airport is at 6 km and the picturesque capital of Corfu with many historic buildings and the main port of the island is 7.5 km away.

Hotel in Corfu, Greece Complex Lemon Grove
Complex Lemon Grove
Kavos, 49080 Corfu, Greece

Complex Lemon Grove is located on the beach of the popular resort of Kavos. Corfu town and port is 47 km away. Corfu International Airport is 45 km away. #

Hotel in Corfu, Greece Hotel Dalia
Hotel Dalia
National Stadium Square, Garitsa, Corfu Town, 49100 Corfu, Greece

Dalia Hotel is located in Garitsa, Corfu, just a 10-minute walk from Corfu International Airport. The historic centre of Corfu is a 20-minute walk away. Corfu Port is 3 km away.