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How to kill time on the ship

Crete ● Cyclades ● Dodecanese ● Ionian islands ● Sporades ● 20 July 2017
If you have a long journey and still are in the middle of your trip, boredom might make you feel uneasy. In the following lines, you're going to read how to spend your time while on board pleasantly and constructively!

Time and how to spend it without getting exhausted has always been the standard problem with long distance travels. There are solutions to this and believe us, nothing more than good intentions is needed. Apart from the classic ‘fall asleep’ tactic, there are a series of interesting activities that can on one hand entertain you, and on the other make the plenty hours of your journey pass more lightly.

Couple on the boat

Board games, cards, and puzzles

Are you lucky enough to travel with a big company, family or with your mate? Even better! You can bring with you a pocket-sized board game such as something that has to do with knowledge like “Trivial Pursuit” for example or even a card game like “Catan” where you build roads and new settlements and has a lot to do with strategy or plain simple “Battleship”. Of course, you could choose the old-time classic backgammon or chess game. The last ones are meant for hardcore travellers who are not afraid of putting their mind to work. And what if you do not have any board games with you because you are not that good at packing and your suitcase had no space left? Then you improvise. Remember the name game in the movie “Inglorious Bastards”? Easily executed. You just need a pen and some paper. Finally, you can also play the “Hangman” or a simple deck of cards could do the trick.

Books and magazines

In fact, a ferry can offer you idyllic reading conditions, as a beautiful beach would. You got the sun shining, the sea breeze to accompany you during your journey, surrounded by the deep blue of the sea, what else can you ask for? Let go of just sunbathing on the deck without knowing how much time has passed. In case you might be wondering which books are suitable for reading under the sun, encircled by the sound of splashing waves, our advice is this: avoid political essays, economic analysis, theological readings and adhere to the basic rule of the summer bookworm: we read what we like, not what we want others to see us reading! Put on some lounge music, drink coffee or a frozen light beer and "loose" while your eyes go through those pages.

Entertainment via smartphone or tablet

Those of you into technology might probably know that your smart phone or tablet could become the ultimate escape from tediousness. You can find a plethora of applications and games which you can download to play on your own or share the fun with your group of friends. Check here some apps that can be really handy to travellers! Apart from the gaming experience, your smart device can offer you a lot of fun, if you are prepared. Gather your favourite music and fill your phone's memory or card. You can play the role of the Dj to bring positive vibes to your buddies! Even better if you bring along one of those portable speakers! Such a device can be useful during the time you spend on the beach. You can also download some of your favourite movies or be ready to stream them through the Wi-Fi offered on the ferry or your personal data plan. Applications like Netflix can do the trick. If you manage to find a good series to binge watch, you'll reach your destination without realising how many hours has passed!

Roam the ferry to get amazing photos and videos

It’s been hours and you are sick of staying in your seat. Get up, grab your camera or smartphone and off you go to get the best shots of your wonderful holiday. These photos and will help you create your trip’s “making of” video when you return home! Here in Greece, the ferries pass by plenty of islands before they complete their route. If for instance, you are going from Piraeus to Santorini you are going to pass from many beautiful islands that are part of the Cyclades. You can stand on the deck and get a picture of each one of them! Imagine having pictures from Paros, Naxos, Ios, Amorgos, Serifos, Sifnos, Mykonos, Santorini etc. It depends on the destination that you chose, but on your way, you are definitely going to come across some astonishing landscapes. Greece is full of beauty and you are going to witness it with every breath you take! Astounding pictures can be shot even in the middle of the sea where you might meet amazing creatures like seagulls or dolphins which usually love to follow the ships… Have in mind that the Aegean Sea transforms into a living painting during sunset or sunset. The blue hour is also an all-time favourite! Take a picture with the Greek flag waving in the background... Show the world how much you love Greece and that you became a part of its culture, even for a few days!

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Depis Place and Apartments
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Depis Suites & Apartments
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